Shades: Repossession Notice


What now?

Shades of Hoboken, as well as the Monroe Center for the Arts (720 Monroe Center) has always been a bit of a mystery to me.. I’m not sure if they’re coming or going, or what the future state of the site and the business is. Like they say “I can’t get a straight answer…”

Last year, some bankruptcy news about the Monroe Center surfaced – and Shades was sometimes open, sometimes closed – some comedy events – but never consistent.

Now, Hoboken411 reader nacholibre spotted this “repossession” notice on the door of Shades. Your guess what will happen next.

Shades of Hoboken repossession notice July 9 2009

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I went there for brunch a long time ago. Good stuff.

Don’t know what’s happened since then. But if Shades tanks, the establishment might make a good childcare facility. Not another Beyond Basic but you know…


I did a lot of remodeling work for a couple of restaurants and the ownwers of these places told me it takes between 15& 18 months to tell if the place is going to do good. And at one point they owned 5 places in central new jersey, so I made extra sure That I got paid asap.


I agree with you guys. An affordable place would have thrived back there.

Something was not right from day 1 with these people. Nonetheless, I hope they get their act together.


I agree, there is nothing decent in that part of town and a nice casual place with decent food and prices would be perfect.


its sad… a more casual, affordable restaurant would probably have done alright there.