“Time and Space” at MackeyBlue

8/29/2009 Update:

The “Time and Space” exhibit will be ending this weekend – so swing by Mackey Blue on Sunday from 3-5pm for some wine, cheese & chatter with artist Jim Hans. He will also be featured in the September/October issue of Studio and Gallery Magazine.

7/18/2009 Update:

“Meet the Artist!”

MackeyBlue (12th and Wash) will be hosting a “Meet the Artist” afternoon on Sunday July 19th from 3pm – 5pm.

“Stop in and enjoy wine and cheese while meeting Jim Hans and learning more about his Time and Space Series:

Travel in time to MackeyBlue and ‘Don’t Search But Find’ art works on display by Jim Hans. MackeyBlue is featuring 13 of Jim’s creations this July/August including futuristic oils from 1966, Buck Rogers gadgetry assemblages and more recent print collages. Read more about Jim in his Statement below and swing by MackeyBlue to experience his art in person!”


A new collection of art will be on display this summer over at MackeyBlue (12th & Washington).

Jim Hans (the author of “100 Hoboken Firsts”) will have 13 “futuristic” paintings and collages on display at Hoboken’s uptown vintage store.

Time and Space Series

By Jim Hans

jim hans time and space art at mackeyblue hoboken nj - "Time and Space" at MackeyBlue“This body of art work, executed from 1966 to the present, expresses my thoughts and feelings on an abstract time and space, not a real time and space, an on-going interest of mine since childhood. There are no trips to the moon, no modern day outer space jargon visualized. My subject is not an up-to-date science fiction time and space either. There are no galactic voids, no interstellar couples subjected to apocalyptic ambushes. This work is perhaps most influenced by my absorption into early Buck Rogers Sunday comic strips from the 1930’s and their flamboyant visionary presentation of an everyday future. These I discovered in my first years of high school, as I began collecting the older comic strips during that period.

In time, I became fascinated, not with science fiction, but with the 1920’s and 30’s modern art movements, such as Futurism, Dada, Cubism, the Dutch De Stijl modern movement* and somewhat with the Surrealist movement and even Art Deco. Later I evolved into the Pop Art movement which embraced the past as well as the present. It was during this period that New York and New Jersey art collectors purchased my work, notably Robert Scull the Manhattan Taxi magnet. Earlier in California, actor and art collector, Vincent Price purchased some of my pieces. But lately, it is probably because I have an enthusiastic interest and a high regard for history (I founded the Hoboken Historical Museum in 1986.) that the assemblages and other work in this showing reflect the 1920’s and 30’s in their design and overall atmosphere.

A favorite quote of mine is Picasso’s “Don’t search but find.” (Something my wife and I have been following for over 30 years). Although this advice referred to the concern for the face of the canvas while in the act of painting, one can utilize the wisdom of the statement in many other ways. My assemblages here are composed primarily of “found-objects” and “ready-mades,” none of which were specifically searched for. (I believe another advocate of finding is right here in MackeyBlue. Karen’s shop related e-mails often end with the slogan, “What might you find today?”).

Further information on my art work and my life in the arts in general will be found in the sampling of write-ups included in the catalog/price-list book available at the store.
Jim Hans, 2009

MackeyBlue’s hours: Wednesday 6-9pm, Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, and Sunday 12-5pm.

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I just came from MackeyBlue. Alot of old Hobokenites turned out to see Jim’s art including Jim’s friend Ray who is outside playing live acoustic music.