Last Independence Day 2009 Post

7/5/2009 11:00pm Update:

I said this was the “last” Independence Day 2009 post – but I didn’t say it wouldn’t be updated!

A few more “FOJ” perspectives…

First, we have this shot from Virginia – who happened to catch the 4th of July fireworks from a private party on the 14th St. Pier (booze allowed).

Oscar is included in this gallery…

I bumped into Miles prior to the show yesterday – and included a couple shots he took – including the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar!

A few more videos…

First – your standard video “compilation” of some the highlights of the show from Hoboken411 reader Brad:

Then, Hoboken resident Mike – uses some “lens trickery” to make the fireworks spectacular “super sized!”

See today’s “first batch” of reader images after the jump!!

7/5/2009 6:45pm:

The 4th came and went – now for the “lazy days”

All they hype and preparation is over! The 2009 Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular on the Hudson seemed to go off without a hitch.

Below are some reader-submitted photos that were sent in today. I received many, many of the same photos – and tried to snag one semi-unique shot from each reader. Thanks for your contributions!

Bright Bang!

Matt sent in one of the brightest shots of the night near 14th & Sinatra…
Hoboken Macys Fireworks Reader Photo Matt Fricovsky

From afar…

Ian shows us what it looked like with the Lincoln Tunnel viaduct in the foreground.
Hoboken Macys Fireworks Reader Photo Ian from near Lincoln Tunnel Viaduct

Pretty standard (in pink)..

A similar waterfront shot from Jennifer (it was her only photo submitted…)
Hoboken Macys Fireworks Reader Photo Jennifer

Breakin’ the rules…

Paul sent in this shot near 10th and Jefferson (notice the person on the roof in the center…)
Hoboken Macys Fireworks Reader Photo Paul Baron

Mini explosions

I happened to like this part of the show, when hundreds of miniature shells went off – reminded me of “Trix” cereal. Thanks, Pete for this shot!
Hoboken Macys Fireworks Reader Photo Pete Marney

Elysian perspective

411 reader Hansbrix was 30 feet from me when he snapped his shots. Was nice to see from this angle.
Hoboken Macys Fireworks Reader Photo Hans Brix


Bmacqueens witnessed traffic come to a standstill uptown at the conclusion.
Hoboken Macys Fireworks Reader Photo traffic jam bmacqueens

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(Adorable Oscar shots, too.)


Very cute, Journey.

I like all the videos!


We enjoyed it.

(video inserted by 411 on behalf of reader)

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

Yes, it was a wonderful day!!


re: #1, i read that the same thing happened in jersey city (near liberty state park). not sure what they were trying to accomplish