4th of July Preparations


Hoboken is getting ready for tomorrow’s epic Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular…

Crowd deterrents


Over at Maxwell Place – city workers were putting up orange fencing around the perimeter – as a reminder that no onlookers should cross and watch the fireworks from the dangerous and unstable rocks that line the park.

I spoke with OEM Director Joel Mestre – and he pointed out that visitors are allowed to bring chairs, blankets – even coolers with beverages and food. However, they are not allowing BBQing or Hibachi grills. NO PUBLIC ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION ALLOWED! (see “Zero Tolerance Policy” for more details…)

Additionally, he said that about 30 (thirty) Port-O-Johnnie’s were brought in and will be lined up along the waterfront. Which only makes me wonder why there are no public bathrooms along the river between 15th Street to Sinatra Park? Other than Elysian Park and kind local businesses – you need a bladder of steel if you want to spend an extended amount of time outside.

First Aid Stations

Over on 14th and Sinatra – some first aid tents are now setup, along with a cooling station.

No 14th Street Pier Access!

Another thing to note is – since Applied Company owns both 14th Street Piers – I heard they have decided to close them to the public in lieu of private functions. So keep that in mind!

Traffic Signs

These traffic message boards have been placed at strategic locations throughout the city:

Hope you all enjoy your 4th!

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Right in front of the Post Office on 14th…clear view of the action.


Happy 4th Everyone! Proud to be a member of the greatest country in the world. Ever.


Bladder of Steel — not quite true. There is a public bathroom in Elysian Park at the corner of 11th/Hudson/Sinatra, right next to the dog run along the iron fence at the edge of the drop-off down to the sidewalk. Look for the small brick hut — there!

Yeah, I never knew about it until this morning, just snooping out of curiosity on my way back from the big USA flag-balloon at Stevens College.


Dying at the Bladder of Steel comment. So true!!!