Hoboken 4th of July Links…


For those sticking around (or coming to visit) to watch the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular – here are some helpful posts for you to brush up on!


A square mile of insanity

Did you know?

That the Macy’s Fireworks will be much higher in the sky than usual? Because of the Palisades Cliffs – they’ve designed the shells to detonate at 1000 feet! Most years, they usually explode at around 500-600 feet.

I wonder if you’ll need binoculars?

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Sidd Finch
Sidd Finch

Was surprised how great the view was from Pier A until some jackass cut in front of everyone with his camcorder on a 7 ft stand. When asked to move so the kids and people behind him could see, he said he was doing a documentary. Of course everyone said he should have been there earlier. I wanted to say he’s just a jerk but I’ll add that he’s unprofessional and a heck. Every year you get jerks like that. It’s really too bad


Got a perfect view from Elysian park!