Watching Fireworks from Stevens



All this hype for 26 minutes?

By tomorrow night, we’ll be able to tell whether Hoboken got totally inundated by onlookers desperate to get an up-close and personal view of the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. I’ve been out of town for all previous Hudson River Macy’s shows – so I’ll leave it up to your imagination, or for those that have experienced it before. Maybe we’ll get lucky and everyone will avoid the hyped up event? (not)

Regardless – Stevens Institute offers a very unique perspective for those who don’t have waterfront property with a balcony or rooftop deck. Upwards of 100 feet above sea level – the north portion of the grounds will provide a great view of all the action – without being deafeningly close.


Campus police will be allowing only 1000 people on the property starting at 8pm (other than students, faculty and their guests) – and only through one entrance. I wonder how many will “camp out” like they do for new iPhones or video games?

Stevens Announcement

“On Saturday, July 4 a fireworks display will take place on the Hudson River just north of campus starting at 9:20pm. Stevens wishes to accommodate members of the university community and our neighbors who might want to view the fireworks from campus. In addition, the university needs to take measures to ensure personal safety and the protection of property. The following will govern campus activities on July 4:

  • all administrative and academic buildings will be locked and secured. Offices will not be available.
  • up to 1000 persons will be permitted on campus
  • at 7pm faculty, staff, students, and up to four of their guests, can enter the campus. Stevens ID required
  • at 8pm members of the public will be permitted to enter the campus
  • all entering campus will do so through a Campus Police check point located at 9th and Castle Point Terrace
  • once 1000 people have been admitted the campus will be closed
  • no alcohol or outdoor cooking will be permitted
  • no parking will be available except for faculty and staff who live on campus
  • students and visitors who are currently living on campus will need to present a Stevens ID.

Faculty and researchers who need access to laboratories on July 4 can make arrangements by contacting Campus Police at 201.216.5105. Thank you for your cooperation.”

What are your alternatives?

Well – only 28% of poll respondents said they’re migrating to the waterfront to catch this extravaganza – but God only knows how many others will try to pummel our city with their presence.

You can always “sneak” on to this crumbling pier north of the Sovereign Building… (Hoboken411 does not condone or recommend that)


I was thinking of bringing the H411 Mascot Oscar out with me – however, he’s not comfortable AT ALL with the booming celebration (I tried once before, and it was sad). So I’m going to feed him about 3 or 4 Pet Naturals of Vermont – Calming Soft Chews before I check the fireworks out. He should be out cold! (These are available at Cornerstone Pets – and I HIGHLY recommend them! – around 10 bucks)

Whatever you decide to do tomorrow night, I hope all of you have a great time!

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Great dynamic duo shot :).


Nice picture of 411 and Oscar!


My wife noticed … lots and lots and lots of big open space near Port Imperial ferry terminal, and all along that waterfront going down toward UBS. My thought: no good pedestrian access … If the authorities do shut down River Road then are people going to know how to get there and take advantage of what could be a really freakin’ fantastic view of the fireworks?

Mama Luke

It’s just hype. I agree.