Hobokenpix: A sign o’ the times…


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Hoboken Photo of the Day – 6/29/2009

This property at 12th and Garden – has been on the market for over a year (including an “auction” in May 2008).

The “For Sale” sign has humbly been changed to a “For Rent” sign.

When will the market finally bottom out?


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your looking at shiller’s take on the national real estate market.

NYC and surrounding is getting worse. case shiller has us down 1.7 month over month.
“Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Portland and Seattle posted record annual declines in April.”


re: #113 – When a person is jumps out of an airplane they usually accelerate very quickly to a termial velocity of
124 MPH. Once their rate of decline stops increasing they are still travelling at a terminal velocity towards the ground.

Hoping for a easy landing is better than no hope at, but those Green Shoot need to deploy very quickly and one better hope those Green Shoots aren’t made out of worthless securitized paper.


Dr.Esmat Zaklama via his family trust owns the place. He ran for US Congress in our district a few years back against Albio Siries.

I believe if you Google his name and search this website you shall find out some interesting things about the owners, they seem to be a sue happy slumlords around Hudson county.

Does anyone know if the place was fixed up?


The property I am keeping my eye on is the rental building at the corner of 11th and Bloomfield. And not because I care where it trades. The owner renovated the interior and ignored the much needed landscaping. The owners, who also property in Union City and Jersey City, need a tap on the shoulder and a reminder that they are not in JC.


Back in the early 70’s, a young kid somehow got himself impaled on that fence right about where those guys are walking. I think he fell out of the window or off the roof.

A girl named “Margie Odd-job” walked over and lifted the kid off the fence. Yikes! I never did find out if the kid survived it.