2009 Campaign Remnants


Election season is over!

Hoboken411 reader Gary doesn’t want to be reminded of this year’s Hoboken Municipal Elections anymore:

cammarano poster 2 - 2009 Campaign Remnants

“I’d be willing to bet that we’ve all had more than enough of this past election season, would like to move on & that the time has come to take down all political posters around town. Two images are attached showing a Cammarano poster that was put up on the cell tower screen of a building on Hudson street. This would certainly qualify as an unconditional use of a cell tower screen, which is supposed to blend in & hide the ugly cell phone antennas, so why is the mayor elect permitting this inappropriate use? Take this and all of the freaking posters down!”

At the same time – while Dawn Zimmer’s team doesn’t have giant banners around town (except at her campaign headquarters) – there are still many more “subtle” reminders of the election. Including stickers on poles, and the dozens of postcards just deteriorating away on the sidewalks and in our parks. Litter bugs!

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There’s no money or political office to obtain anymore. Why would they want to do any extra work?


I think at this point we all know how to use a pen, thanks to these signs.


And how about Frank Raia now taking down all the posters he put up for Hoboken High graduation? They’ve graduated, it’s over–You put the signs on every pole in town, Frank, now go back around and remove them! While you’re at it, can you also take down all those Purple PC repair ads? Maybe Biffy B can help.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

Sounds like Gary is a commie!!! Perhaps Gary would be happier living in Iran!

jk Gary.