Readerpix: Giant Chipmunk


Hoboken411 reader Lobster Girl (is it a “Lobster Girl Weekend?” – no it’s just that this reader has a liking for the “tall shots” that I shy away from – so I publish on the weekends instead) sent in this picture of the infamous Hoboken Chipmunk… Would any of you put a huge sculpture of a rodent on your front patio?

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 6/28/2009

Hoboken Chipmunk Reader Photo

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Just to let you know that chipmunk is from a past Thanksgiving Day Parade and was “purchased” during a Hoboken Historical Museum event. Check out the dollop of whipcream – it was the REDIWHIP FLOAT….why you ask do I know this…I live in said brownstone but AM NOT THE OWNER……I will say people always have no problem finding my apt.!