4th of July “Safety Action Plan”

Update: Bumping this back to the top, since our fruity thunderstorm was an uneventful DUD!


With regards to the upcoming Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular – 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason was kind enough to send out the following information that was communicated with city officials this week.

hoboken 4th of july public safety action plan - 4th of July "Safety Action Plan"

Public safety a top priority

“With the Macy’s Fireworks relocating to the Hudson River this year, Hoboken will be host to tens of thousands of guests on July 4th. To assure the welfare of both residents and visitors, the City of Hoboken has established a comprehensive public safety action plan. The following details were shared with the City Council at a briefing earlier this week.

The fireworks display will begin at 9:20 and last 26 minutes with approximately 1,500 busts per minute! It will be a spectacular display and Hoboken will have a front row seat. Please be safe, plan ahead and enjoy the day with your friends and family.”

Street closures and parking restrictions:

  • Sinatra Drive from 15t St. to 11 th St. – closed to traffic, emergency vehicles only.
  • 4th St. from River to Clinton – NO PARKING on the south side of the street.
  • Willow Ave. from 11th St. to 4th St. – NO PARKING on the west side of the street.
  • Hudson Place (by the PATH) – NO PARKING.
  • Newark Street from Hudson St. to Sinatra Dr. – NO PARKING.
  • River Street from Hudson Place (PATH) to 4th St. – emergency vehicles only.
  • Clinton Street from 7th to 8th Sts. – emergency vehicles only.
  • Vanzetti Way (Observer Hwy) from Washington St. to Willow Ave. – designated taxi area, no public parking after 8:00 AM.

Subject to closure:

  • Hudson st. and east bound streets to Hudson St. may be closed as an emergency access route AS NEEDED.
  • Washington St. is subject to the same closures AS NEEDED to assure traffic control and public safety.

Emergency services:

  • Police and fire units will be stationed at multiple locations along the waterfront and Sinatra Drive along with highly visible pedestrian patrols city wide.
  • First aid and EMT stations will be located at intervals along the waterfront and Sinatra Drive.
  • There will also be several water and cooling stations along the route.

Emergency phone numbers:

  • Police Headquarters will be the central command center for all emergency services dispatch. For quickest response call 201-420-2100.
  • 911 is also available but be aware, their dispatch is out of Jersey City so specify Hoboken as your location.

Zero Tolerance Rooftop restrictions:

  • Only rooftops with city code approved deck structures will be permitted for use as viewing locations. Use of non-structured flat roofs and fire escapes will not be permitted and will be subject to fine.
  • Strict attention will be paid to over-crowding of decks, porches and balconies.
  • Open container laws will be enforced city-wide and are subject to a $1,000 fine.
  • Public urination, public nuisance and destruction of property are also subject to a $1,000 fine per infraction.

Pier A and the Waterfront Walkway:

  • There will be food and refreshment vendors on hand along Sinatra Drive.
  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be permitted in the park or along the walkway.
  • Coolers and bags are allowed but will be searched at access check points.
  • Open container laws will be enforced city-wide.

Stevens Institute:

  • Stevens will be open to the public – however, crowd restrictions are at the discretion of campus administration and police.

Automobile access and parking:

  • Visitors are encouraged to take mass transit. Extra service is being provided by PATH and NJ Transit.
  • There will be city staff on hand directing traffic to public garages and parking facilities. They will also be assisting the Police with traffic control and street closures if needed.
  • Heaviest traffic is anticipated from 2:00 PM on July 4th until 2:00 AM on July 5th (Residents are advised to not use or move their car during these hours.)

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This is Stevens’ policy for the day:
The following will govern campus activities on July 4:
-all administrative and academic buildings will be locked and secured. Offices will not be available.
-up to 1000 persons will be permitted on campus
-at 7pm faculty, staff, students, and up to four of their guests, can enter the campus. Stevens ID required
-at 8pm members of the public will be permitted to enter the campus
-all entering campus will do so through a Campus Police check point located at 9th and Castle Point Terrace
-once 1000 people have been admitted the campus will be closed
-no alcohol or outdoor cooking will be permitted
-no parking will be available except for faculty and staff who live on campus


Thanks, Macy’s! I guess we are under house-arrest for the weekend!


Do these rules include the west side of town?


I bet the police radio will be off the hook!