Friday Fun: Grooveshark


Listen on the fly…

There seems to be a new music streaming/ sharing/ downloading site every week these days.

I stumbled across Grooveshark a couple weeks ago.

This service is fairly convenient and quick for finding a song that popped into your head – like a jukebox. You can create playlists and save them for later use.. which might be good for parties, listening at work, or romantic evenings with your first date.

The dying breed of money moguls at record labels are constantly trying to shut sites like this down, such as EMI – who has filed suit against Grooveshark.

The web interface is kinda cool the way it slides around, and it’s fairly easy to create and save playlists – however, I’m not sure I like the way each song you play is added to the queue. I’d rather have the option to put it into my playlist manually. One other fault is the fact you cannot fast-forward your songs… but I guess it might help teach you some patience?

The King is Dead…

I thought about creating a post about Michael Jackson’s death yesterday – but didn’t really know what to say about it. I guess he was such a media “object” that he almost didn’t seem human enough for me to get any hint of emotion. The guy made good music that will be around for eternity. His personal problems and wacky stories just didn’t interest me one bit. Suppose his life can serve as an example of what childhood stardom, and being one of the most popular people on earth can do to some people.

I added my favorite Michael Jackson song to the Grooveshark playlist above – “Wiv Respec, Jacko – Respec…”

(FYI – for you Radiohead fans – the song I included is a good live version of “Everything in it’s right place…”)

What is your favorite online streaming music site?

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