Would you live in this house?

1/22/2010 Update:

[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series… This post was formerly known as Hobokenpix: “Grass Maintenance”]

Would you live between the uptown bridges in Weehawken on the Hoboken border Mark Settembre - Would you live in this house?

Photo of the Day – Mark Settembre’s House

What do you think of this (what I feel is wacky) home that was built in-between the two uptown bridges on Park and Willow?

You know, Hoboken has been talking forever (and dragging their collective feet) about this area, more commonly referred to as 1600 Park. So much blabbering and trickery going on – that absolutely nothing is happening. “Under par for the course” in Hoboken!

Well, while we accomplish nothing, Real Estate Developer Mark Settembre decides to build a home there – which is actually in Weehawken. So while we’re asleep at the wheel – this property quickly goes up – and will certainly throw a wrench into our plans if (and when) this area gets “park-ified.” Either he’ll have a beautiful waterfront & parkside home, or someone will pay him Boo Koo Bucks to give it up. I guess if you have the money, it’s not an entirely dumb idea.


(Originally posted on June 24th, 2009…)

Hoboken Photos of the Day – 6/24/2009

Have you noticed how much better 1600 Park (the area between the two uptown overpasses) looks recently?

hoboken 1600 park all cleaned up - Would you live in this house?

Hoboken city employee Mike – who takes good care of the grounds over at Elysian Park – mentioned that he was assigned the task to cut down the over-growth up there – and single-handedly knocked it down to earth!

mike mowing the lawn at elysian park hoboken - Would you live in this house?

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Really weird location to be sure. Would I live there as opposed to my apartment? Sure.

He seems to be a good guy, he puts on the fight night for charity every year. Always a fun event for a good cause.


His sister did own Martini Blue a few years back


good for mark he is a great guy that i know since childhood, been in the construction business since the early early 80’s,
not to bad to look at either one of the most handsome man in our town….pleasureable and generous, plus multiple residences because he was smart… his sister owned martini blue once, and i also believe that the zoo is now the squeeze not one of my avenues but whatever, kudo’s to mark and you are always in my thoughts…..


An old saying “Every bird loves it’s own nest”. Have a good one!


HobokenRox thats heinous