Boys & Girls club sends thanks!

8/8/2009 Update:

Nilesh Patel, Director of Operations at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County sends his thanks!


Thanks to the community!

“Just in time for the recent summer heat, the City of Hoboken’s only outdoor pool, located adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club at 123 Jefferson Street, has opened! Hundreds of Hoboken’s kids are now able to enjoy a fun, safe, and cool place to play over the remainder of the hot summer months.

Although the pool opening was delayed due to city budget constraints this year, the Hoboken community rallied together and raised the necessary funding to plug the unfortunate gap to get the pool open for the kids. A series of fundraisers were jointly sponsored by The Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County, along with local Hoboken establishments such as Whisky Bar, Nine and The Liberty Bar to help raise awareness and much needed money. Donations were also made and accepted by mail and online on the Club’s website at

“We can’t thank the Hoboken community enough for the outpouring of support we received after the news spread about the delay of the pool opening in May and June,” commented Jay Garcia, Unit Director of the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club. “In addition to private donations from Hoboken residents and support from local businesses and prominent Hoboken figures, the City of Hoboken also provided significant assistance in taking the necessary steps to have the pool opened for our kids. On behalf of the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club, thank you to our neighbors and community members for their support, hard work, generosity and dedication to the children who will directly benefit from having access to the pool this summer.”

In particular, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County wish to offer sincere gratitude to the following groups who in particular provided assistance in achieving the pool opening: The City of Hoboken, Taragon/Ursa Development Company, Bank of New York Mellon Jersey City, the Hoboken City Council, NINE, Liberty Bar, Whisky Bar, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken city employees, Ruth McAllister, The Sobolov Family, and the Hoboken Committee of the Boys and Girls Club. A very special thank you and humbled appreciation to the people of Hoboken who showed the importance of coming together as a community during challenging times.

The Hoboken Boys and Girls Club offers a unique and enriching summer program for children between the ages 5 to 14. Members have an opportunity to participate in scheduled trips, arts & crafts, gym and other activities. For more information, contact Jay Garcia, Unit Director of the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club at or call: (201) 963-6443.

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7/29/2009 Update:

You can get wet now -it’s OK!

Did you know that the Boys & Girls Club swimming pool opened this week? As you’ve read on, the swimming pool was a bit behind schedule opening this year, after they had trouble scrounging up the funds to open and repair it! But thankfully – the time has come!

Tons of kids from the Hoboken Housing Authority (as well as the rest of the city) love to splash around in the pool during the summer!


7/20/2009 Update:

Hopefully by the end of the month

The community pool at the Boys and Girls Club was originally supposed to open by July 6th – however, some issues (both physically and financially) have delayed the opening. Spoke to an individual who works at the club, said that they hope to have it done by the end of the month (possibly by the 27th).

They said the fundraiser back in June (that 411 helped promote) was instrumental in making this happen sooner, rather than later. Thank God – because summer is ramping up a bit!


6/26/2009 Update:


Drip, drip, drip…

Swung by the pool at the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club earlier this week.

It seems that workers tried filling up to pool, only to discover that there was a serious leak in the lining – possibly jeopardizing the possible July 6th opening. Wonder if they’ll make it in time?



Hoboken will have a pool this summer

Despite Hoboken making “arrangements” with the Secaucus Community Pool, the pool at the Boys & Girls Club (123 Jefferson St.) is set to open up on or near July 6th.

With both Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer both contributing money to help run the pool (during their campaigns, of course), I always wondered how a relatively-low cost city service such as this would be hard to fit into a $100+ million dollar budget.


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This is the pool? Lovely. $22k a year in taxes and this is the result. We need to change opinions around what is acceptable.


If you have an issue with people you believe developed and profitted in Hoboken at the expense of its citizens – you should take it up with them. I only speak for myself.

I would be interested in knowing how you think we can get to the point where civil, constructive dialog can take place about exactly what constitutes the public good. I supported the creation of active recreation space in Hoboken for individuals of all ages in my capacity as a Board member. (Unfortunately, the school district facilities plans have lain in limbo for years for lack of state funding.)

It is to our collective detriment that a rec center with lots of activities for teens i.e. Secaucus, isn’t even part of the public discussion. And while the idea of a public pool has been floated around for years (Does anyone else remember Tony Soares’ ad about the flooding at 4th & Jackson being the community pool we were promised?) there are lots of property owners who say NIMBY.

Wonderful that some kids are enjoying the pool at the Boys and Girls club. Just as some enjoyed the pool at Wallace when the city and school board offered that. And when we had the High School Pool open to city residents.
But at best these are stopgap measures.

strand tramp
strand tramp

“dogrun slander”…WTF is “dogrun slander”? is that anything like the B of Ed paying huge salaries to more principals than we have F’ng schools Burns? is that what it is?? you are a disgrace.


Morning PO’d (your username speaks volumes). I will “get on board” when you learn to discern truth from dogrun slander.


and the “dogrun slander” would be, what? Weren’t you complaining about the lack of open space for ball playing? Isn’t that indicative of discontent regarding open spaces for our children and community, as a whole?

Do tell, what has Mr. Raia (who made millions off of our community) and those in power, during the building boom, given back to our children and our community? What were their priorities? Who benefitted most?

In response to tburns who said:

Morning PO’d (your username speaks volumes). I will “get on board” when you learn to discern truth from dogrun slander.


TB cracks me up! Hey, TB, tell the kids to go play ball in that park, your buddy Raia (Ursa/Tarragon),put up in the Shoprite parking lot. Shows what he thinks of our children. How many properties does he own? How much building did he do?

Who were the people in office during this building boom? Who could have put flooding, parks, open space, a community center and a pool as a priority? Our kids and our community deserve better. When are you going to get on board?