YMCA Fundraiser + Outdated website


Hoboken’s YMCA has played a vital role in the community here. From their low-income housing for those less fortunate, to managing the Taste of Hoboken events, fitness center, athletic and children’s programs and more.

As you might be aware, the YMCA has seen it’s share of financial trouble lately as well, falling way behind on their power payments. Additionally, the plan to renovate and expand the low-income housing area and other parts of the facility has been stuck in the mud since 2007.

ymca fundraiser amandas hoboken nj - YMCA Fundraiser + Outdated website

Fundraiser on Monday, June 22nd

The purpose of this post originally was to gripe about their website, which has no real current information (just stuff from 2007, 2008).

However, the Friends of the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA sent out a letter mentioning an upcoming fundraiser dinner at Amanda’s Restaurant on Monday, June 22nd at 7pm ($200 a pop). Maybe with more support, they can tend to their web portal too? Keep in mind, however, that as of publication time, there was no way to buy the tickets on their site…

Need donations to continue services

“One of Hoboken’s important social-service organizations, serving men, women and children of all ages, is the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA.

The Y plans to expand and renovate its four-story building at 13th and Washington Streets in Hoboken. Resident space will be renovated. The Y’s athletic and recreation areas will be renovated so that members can enjoy new locker rooms, an elevator, new stairwells, expanded yoga and exercise rooms, additional multipurpose rooms for expanded pre-school, senior and family programs, a new ramp and observation deck for the swimming pool, a new entrance and check-in area and air-conditioning throughout the building.

See the rest of the letter after the jump…

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(Hoboken YMCA Fundraiser, continued…)

“The entire building will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, thereby enabling an expanded set of activities and programs done in conjunction with other community social-service agencies.

Meanwhile, the Y must continue to raise operating funds during this pre-construction phase. With sufficient support from the community during this challenging transition, this nonprofit social-service organization can continue its record of service to the Hoboken and North Hudson community totaling more than 140 years.

A number of individuals have volunteered as Friends of the Y to work with the Y’s leaders to ensure that this vital community resource not only survives but thrives with a renovated, expanded and fully-accessible facility.

Please join your friends and neighbors at a fundraising dinner at Amanda’s Restaurant, 908 Washington St., on Monday, June 22, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $200 and are available online at www.hobokenymca.org or at the Y; a portion is tax-deductible. We hope many of the Y’s supporters will join us for an enjoyable four-course dinner with wine pairing generously supplied by Joyce and Eugene Flinn and their excellent staff.

Friends of the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA”

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