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Construction HELL in Hoboken?

Hoboken411 reader Joe had sent me an email yesterday morning, originally complaining about how he had received a hefty fine for not having the proper permit for his own construction, while Filippo’s Pizza on Washington Street is “closed for renovations,” yet had no permit in site!

However, when I went to investigate myself, it seems Filippo’s DID have a permit…


He elaborates and senses fishy business…

Joe had emailed the city inquiring why Filippo’s was doing demo without a permit – they responded “A copy of your e-mail was sent to Construction Code Official. The ceiling tiles does not need a permit to be replaced but they do have permits for other work. If you have any other questions please contact the Construction Code Office on 201-420-2066.”

He added:

“Interesting… there haven’t been permits posted for three days! Maybe they didn’t put them up until they were doing work that necessitated permits – or they were informed someone complained and granted them.

The whole Construction Office is amazing. I’m a taxpaying resident who was issued a STOP WORK order & had to wait at least two months before starting work again. It was like a 10-step process that kept going and going and going:

  • I had to wait for a notice to come in the mail (2 weeks)
  • go to city hall to pay it (immediately)
  • processing (2 weeks)
  • make an appointment for inspection (2 weeks)
  • and then be granted OK to move ahead (2 weeks)

Yet, some residents or businesses never seem to have this problem? Are they connected?

A perfect example is Bloom Spa on Washington. They were issued a STOP WORK order – yet magically were doing construction again a week or two later. How is it that they moved ahead so quickly?

Not trying to be a crying baby about this, only trying to bring up the issue of favoritism & loose/convenient enforcement by Al Arezzo’s office.”


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absolutely — you take a risk & lose…you pay a fine. but this guy wasnt able to go to the construction office & be told “get a permit, someone snitched.”

apparently Bloom Spa did — and Filipos did.

I think most of the residents in Hoboken can rightfully complain — there isn’t a level playing field for all of us. some businessmen, contractors and residents get favoritism and don’t have to live by the laws & regulations the rest of us do.

yes, it happens everywhere, in just about every small town. but that doesn’t make it OK, right or illegal. Its unfair and ILLEGAL and should not be allowed. I think its great the whistle is blown on things like this — i wish more people tried to call governments on favoritism and corruption.


I did some work in newark and had to take out a electrical permit. The person issuing the permit says to me you are new here so i’ll tell you the rules. He went on to state whatever the fee amout was double it and pay in cash nad throw a extra $50 in and you will never see an inspector. And this went for anybody and everybody no favorites it was refreshing in a way he was a all business–and this was how business was done there.


Friend of Al’s??? 😉


[i]Al Arezzo is as crooked as they come. I wonder what happened to the investigation against him?
He needs to go to Jail. for a long time.[/i]

gee, apparently the people who actually did the investigation don’t feel the same way. They must be wrong, though, b/c you posted on the internet so it must be true.


But you are being a crybaby! You took a risk and lost. The 2 months to restart your job was a punishment so you will think again before attempting to do work without a permit. More painful than the fine.

Why bring up Bloom Spa? Do you know the reason they were given a Stop Work Order? There are many reasons a Stop Work Order is issued.

Why call City Hall about Filippos – what does it have to do with you. They pay taxes ike you.