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Mimosa Digital
120 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 222-1103


[quote comment=”83516″]The first thing is how many 8mm rolls? [/quote]

There are 10-15 rolls. I would rather not do it myself so I was interested in local places that could do it.

[quote comment=”83510″]the place on washington and 1st did a good job with my DVD conversions. (begins with an M…?)[/quote]

Thanks Gmac. I think I know the place you are talking about.


The first thing is how many 8mm rolls? By the time you buy all of the equipment and do all the work it might be cheaper to have them done. The main problem is the old films cannot be transfered to dvd, without this $$$$ equipment, it’s something to do with converting analog to digital without this special equipment nevermind it requires a lot of tech. skill.I had my old films done by a teacher who did this on this on the side and now that I found some more to do he has moved to s.c.


You can buy a small device to do this, I have seen them listed on Ebay. That’s what any service you could afford will use, basically a little box with a couple mirrors and a pane of frosted glass. On the other side of the glass they put a video camera. My dad built one (he’s a retired engineer, so it was a peice of cake for him) and we recorded everything n my HiDef video camera.

Unless you want to spend big bucks on a hi-res frame by frame scan (thousands of dollars), you will have to use some sort of real time video recording of it, most places only do standard VHS quality video, which may or may not work for you.

You really should be able to find an inexpensive projector online too.


the place on washington and 1st did a good job with my DVD conversions. (begins with an M…?)