“Black & White, and Red all over”


A dying breed?

Most of you have heard of the troubles that many metro newspapers have been going through the past couple years, with many failing and going out of business.

You’ll get mixed opinions, depending on who you speak with. For one, I’ve noticed that those that aren’t technologically savvy, tend to still enjoy the print media (typically older people, but some others), as well as those that like the routine of “picking up the paper,” and incorporating it in their daily grind (on their commute, with their morning coffee, etc.)

Most people I know, get their news more in real-time – primarily on TV or the web.

The Daily Show recently had a hilarious spoof of the New York Times:

Here’s some other related stories and sites about this subject:

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Print newspapers may sink without a ripple and that would be tragic because unlike web content and other news sources that are relative newcomers, the government can’t control print media and hasn’t since we were a young nation. Indeed, it’s written into The Constitution. Just imagine if YOUR party weren’t in power & the information disseminated was controlled by the government. Can’t happen? Wait….

Take out a subscription to ANY newspaper NOW! Support this most American of institutions. Or learn to live with the results.


Since they’ve dropped any pretense to practicing objective journalism, they’ve let themselves become irrelevant. That and being part of “dead tree” media.

Some say they won’t survive 2009. Maybe they can find another Carlos Slim.