Election Poll: 198 more votes

6/12/2009 Update:

Ballots counted, Zimmer still not happy

The provisional and missing absentee ballots were counted today – and despite losing by 163 votes, Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer was overheard talking about a “recount,” although no official announcement has been made as to what will happen now.

Here’s the total vote count:

Peter Cammarano
Prior votes: 6043
Today’s Absentee: 63
Today’s Provisionals:82

Dawn Zimmer
Prior votes: 5974
Today’s Absentee: 15
Today’s Provisionals: 36


Will this drag on for weeks?

Note: This is just for updates about the provisional / absentee ballot count.. I will not be publishing any reader comments in this chat…


The never ending election

jason-13Like a bad horror movie, Hoboken elections never seem to be over.

Now we have 79 “found” absentee ballots, along with 122 provisional ballots that will be counted Friday morning at 10am.

Personally, I find the whole election process in our country / county / city so flawed.

Look at all these holes in the system:

  • You don’t need to present ID at the polls
  • You may have moved to another city, and still be on the voter rolls (even years after) – I spoke with four people who moved out of Hoboken, yet still voted (for both candidates).
  • Your ballot can get thrown out because your signature didn’t match (yet they don’t ask for ID). Who makes this determination? A hand-writing expert? Some people change their signatures all the time.
  • Voting machines have been proven to be easily tampered with.

applause-meter1You know? Why make it so complicated and bureaucratic?

Might as well switch to an “applause meter” – and instead of voting – just say “In order to vote – please gather at Pier A Park at 7pm Tuesday, where you can “cheer” for your candidate. The candidate with the loudest applause wins.”

Anyway – as it stands currently (with machine votes, and absentees already counted) – Peter Cammarano leads Dawn Zimmer by 67 votes (6043 to 5976).

Will this be over tomorrow morning – or are we in for more challenges, court hearings or even a (gasp) third election?

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At this time, we don’t know where Dawn stands: however, she has announced a press conference at 8:30 am, tomorrow at 618 Washington St. Time will tell…


Brady – you keep harping about rights and ignoring responsibilities. The government has a responsibility to insure voting is a privledge that only those legally entitled to vote get to enjoy. That is why you need to check ID’s, purge voter rolls, etc…. Nobody is suggesting not letting people vote, just that there be reasonable assurances that fraud is minimized. Folks have an absolute right to vote if they meet the right criteria (age, non-felon status & citizenship/residency being the 3 that come to mind). But you still have to meet those criteria. A simple ID check is by far the best way to do this and as ID’s are pretty ubiquitous, it isn’t a burden for voters to have to present one. Last time I checked folks had a right to access to healthcare (not to mention all sorts of other services) & they checked for IDs. By the way – the government disagrees w/ you. Even they agree that if you meet certain criteria then access to services like food stamps, welfare, unemployment, social security, etc… is a right. But again, you still have to meet the criteria to get access to those services.


Hobokeneer wrote:

“If there’s nothing to hide about how Peter’s absentee ballots were handled, let’s let the light shine in.”

I’d say bring it on: if Peter’s ballots were handled inappropriately, then let’s punish the perpetrators and redo the whole election. But, then we will also look into Dawn’s ballots and especially her ticket’s ballots. You could argue there are suspicious numbers there too. For example, didn’t Carol and Rhavi get more votes then Dawn did? Let’s face it, many more people voted for Carol this time than four years ago when SHE was the mayoral candidate. I’d say we should investigate everyone.

Let’s also look into how Dawn got elected two years ago: back then if you suggested on H411 that Dawn used the HCDO money to win, people would attack you like a bunch of wild coyotes. But, if you read her sworn depositions (hoboken411.com/archives/17714), you would find that she actually did cheat with Carol Marsh.

BTW, it was Beth Mason who suggested that the state attorney general should look into voter fraud two years ago: Zimmer and her gang refused to sign on.


No. 158 – should read ramifications not remifications…


Stay involved: Bd. of Ed. meeting Tues. and council on Weds. The remifications of elections do not just fade away. Good actions as well as bad one’s happen and sometimes just inactions occur.