Ferrazz Hair Salon

8/13/2007 Update:

Re-opened last Friday. Well-done makeover. Most comfortable hair salon chairs I’ve ever sat in. Designed by Porsche.

ferraz hoboken grand opening august 2007 4 - Ferrazz Hair Salon
ferraz hoboken grand opening august 2007 2 - Ferrazz Hair Salon

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6/14/2007 Update:

The owner told me this week that they hope to open up within the next month. Nicely remodeled interior, etc. Let’s see if they can call the Hoboken timeline correctly.

1/4/2007 Update:

They temporarily closed for renovations the Saturday before New Years. They all took extended vacations, and according to Ferraz, work is expected to start end of January / beginning of February. He said it should be about two months (get the HATT out). Some stylists will be either offering house-calls or borrowing space from other salons in meantime.

ferraz closedcs - Ferrazz Hair Salon

Description – Beauty Salon
Website – www.ferrazzhair.com
Address – 1016 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5287
Telephone – (201) 420-9603

See old images below.

Ferraz%20interior - Ferrazz Hair Salon
ferraz%20sign%20new1 - Ferrazz Hair Salon

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