Readerpix: Ticket-free Sweeping!


An anonymous Hoboken411 reader is curious about how street sweeper regulations are often not upheld – and many violators along Washington street get a happy surprise by not receiving a summons!

Hoboken411 reader photo gallery of the day – 6/4/2009

“I took the camera out with me this morning, got some shots of the sweeper along the EAST SIDE of Washington St, NO TICKETS being issued! This has been going on for about a month now, but they continue to give tickets on the WEST SIDE. I don’t know if you want to report this on your site but I’m sending you some shots. I can guarantee you if you do bring this to the publics eye everyone who leaves their car there tomorrow or next week will be ticketed. I wonder how much money in ticket revenue has been lost as opposed to money being saved by cutting back the ticket guys hours. This might piss off everyone who’s been getting tickets for street cleaning. I just find it kind of strange and somewhat unfair to other Hoboken residents.”

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