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Here’s a blatant product promo for this afternoon!

Did you know that Hoboken411 is an and associate? That means that every purchase you make at those sites (when you access them via my links) – you help with the costs to run this website! A great way to get the great stuff you need, and help a local business at the same time.

The reason this post is here now isn’t because I’m desperate, but at 5:04am this morning, I got a product promo for these Dansko Sandals. I have no idea whether they’re “in style” or not, but if I was a woman, I’d certainly like them… (wait, that doesn’t sound right, does it?)

Anyway – you can click this banner to be taken to and help 411 out!


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411, you are too much– I can’t believe I’ve clicked on a Dansko promo!

Erm, the sandals are alright. I prefer books, though, and have purchased them from Amazon through this site. So I will keep doing that.