Maroon Cafe {update}

Maroon Cafe Expands in Hoboken, NJ

Opening up recently on one of the least-traveled roads in Hoboken was Maroon Cafe’s 2nd coffee shop location on Jefferson Street between 11th & 12th.

This was formerly home to Rubee’s Closet – who got flooded out after Hurricane Sandy.

Maroon first opened at 7th & Willow over five years ago.

Of all the kinds of places that could have opened on this street – a coffee shop is a fairly good bet. You have an almost guaranteed number of local customers who don’t like leaving their four-block radius – and a good cup of coffee is always on people’s minds. Whether they can sustain a profit (or future floods) remains to be seen.

Good luck with #2, Maroon!

Maroon Cafe Coffee Hoboken NJ 2nd Location - Maroon Cafe {update}

Description: Maroon Coffee & Cafe
Address: 2 locations: 7th & Willow – 11th & Jefferson
Phone: (201)222-1428
Online: TwitterFacebook

See historical Maroon Cafe updates below…

Maroon Cafe Photos

Photos of Maroon Cafe / Coffee from Winter 2010:

Maroon Cafe Now Open in Hoboken

6/30/2009 Update:

Maroon quietly opened late last week. I snapped a photo of the completed interior – but the picture magically disappeared somehow (has that ever happened to you?)

Anyway – just imagine the place with chairs and cups and stuff. And for those that are “over” all the new yogurt places – they sell some ice cream by the scoop – along with chocolate bon-bons & pastries.

Have you tried it yet? Any good?


7th & Willow much improved


Taking place of the relatively dumpy (yet useful) Bill’s Candy Corner – is Maroon.

Ready to open any day now, Maroon is primarily a coffee/tea shop with an interesting bar-like layout. I believe some kind of food morsels might be offered, but I’m not sure – I spent a total of 10 seconds on this “drive-by” entry…

maroon coffee tea hoboken nj 1 - Maroon Cafe {update}
maroon coffee tea hoboken nj 2 - Maroon Cafe {update}

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Their windows are tinted too dark. During the day the place always looks closed since it appears the lights are off.

I hope they can figure something out to fix that.


You must try the mochas at Maroon…they simmer 3 types of chocolate with orange peel, cinnamon and vanilla. It is the BEST relief for this cold weather!


I haven’t tried their coffee yet, but I’m a big fan of the lattes. And the folks behind the counter are really nice…skip Bux and give your bucks to the locals!


Best hot coffee in Hoboken… that dark roast flavor.

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