Ameritel Giveaway Event on Saturday

Update: The promotional flier said 4pm – now they’re telling me 2pm…


I really like the guys at Ameritel (the T-Mobile dealer at 732 Washington St.)

I got my Blackberry 8900 when no one else had it, and they’ve always treated me with kindness and respect. Great to have such good customer service in town these days. Anyway….


Summer “Kick-Off” Event at Ameritel

They’re having some kind of “event” tomorrow, Saturday, May 30th from 4-6pm, 2-4pm where the radio station 87.7 (I don’t listen to the radio – so I have no idea who they are) will be present for a “late afternoon of Karaoke, giveaways and much more…”

From what I’ve gathered – T-Mobile and 87.7 are bringing “really cool stuff as giveaways” (possibly a Nintento Wii – Broadway tickets, etc.) – and what I was told – the lowest prices of the year on the latest phones… perhaps if you’ve been holding off – here’s what you can get..

  • Google G1 phone: $100
  • Blackberry 8900: $50 (after $100 rebate)
  • Sidekick LX2009: $100 (after $50 rebate)

(- Ps – I hate rebates.. why do they still have mail-in crap?)

So, if you’re not jetting to your shore-house or other out-of-town event – why not swing by – even if just for sheer morbid curiosity?

If they had a beer tent – this event would be a 100% knockout – but we’ll have to deal with soda pop.

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