Hoboken Week in Review – 5/24/2009


Holiday or not…

Another week goes by in Hoboken!

Don’t forget – there’s another week left to get your entries in to win a Free GPS Receiver, courtesy of Hoboken411!


So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, May 24th, 2009?

Hottest general topics of the week

    Our Board of Education (and the money it spends) – still a hot topic in Hoboken!
    In an odd and uncharacteristic maneuver, 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason makes a peculiar endorsement.
    There are so many armchair politicos in this town – maybe they should increase the council size to like 200 people.
  4. STATIC!
    Cablevision picture quality still an issue – maybe it’s the wiring?
    A former Fire Chief gives his seal of approval to Mayoral Candidate Peter Cammarano.
  6. MAPS!
    A 411 reader makes various election statistics maps for you to click ‘n’ drag.
  7. NOISY!
    One reader bitches about a nagging RC car in his neighborhood – as expected, some commenters blast him for complaining.
  8. PARKS!
    The Southwest Park seems to be shrinking – all while certain council people shrug their shoulders when they once supported it. That’s Leadership!
  9. 2005!
    A NY Times article from 2005 about a Hoboken election – sounds like it could have been written today (just switch the names around).
    Mayoral candidate Peter Cammarano spotted at an uptown pier during a photo op .
    The Robotic Parking Garage still drops cars, even after millions in upgrades

Other Updates

  • Fiore’s on TV! – Local favorite included in a feature about great Italian eats in the NYC area.
  • The new Yankee Stadium – Hoboken411 checks out the entire place. See the photo gallery!
  • “Chibama” adventures continue – see the chronicles of the Obama Chia Head!
  • Aww, what a cute dog! Maybe you can give Milo a new home – after a Hoboken411 reader saved him from certain death.
  • Developer Nightmare – construction at the Jefferson Trust Bank site (1st & Clinton), is giving neighbors headaches already – and it just started!

Event Calendar

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