Hobokenpix: More FMU stickers!


[In conjunction with the GPS Giveaway Contest – This week’s theme for the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series is: BUMPER STICKERS!]

Hoboken Bumper Sticker of the Day – 5/22/2009

That very same car that had the mysterious “GRB” sticker – also had a WFMU bumper sticker on it.

Speaking of WFMU – if you ever get a chance – you might really enjoy The Glen Jones Radio Programme – which airs each Sunday from 12-3pm. Glen is an excellent DJ who really knows how to pick his songs each week. Listen for a few weeks, and you’ll understand.

hoboken bumper sticker wfmu 2 - Hobokenpix: More FMU stickers!

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