Adopt Milo – so cute!


Hoboken411 reader Christina saved a dog from certain death – and is now seeking a permanent home for Milo!

Goofy, friendly & silly!

milosmiling“Meet Milo! A 1 – 2 year old, 40lbs AmStaff mix saved from overpopulation at the ACC. Destined to be euthenized, we pulled him out of the shelter just in time.

He is goofy… he is silly and he is funny… He wants nothing more than to be everybody’s friend. Anyone on the street is a potential friend to this fella. He is full of life and has a wonderful spirit. He is bursting with antics. He loves to play, loves his KONG and enjoys long walks.

While he walks, his tail wags the entire time… he is happy to be alive, happy to be walked and happy to know we love him. What Milo needs is someone who will teach him to not jump and some basic commands. Milo is EAGER to make you happy and will be a quick learner. You can see from the way he observes things on the walks, that he is a super intelligent dog who is aware of everything.

Whoever the lucky person is who takes in this magnificent fella, they are going to be forever amused. This is a dog who needs love as much as he wants to give love. He is a sweet boy, who if he had floppy ears, would be viewed as the goofy boy he is… Don’t let the ears fool ya, he is a little goofball! Everywhere he goes he has people hysterical with laughter at his silliness!

Milo is housebroken and crate trained. He doesn’t bark at home but he does get excited when he sees his person and even does a little tap dance for you to welcome you back! He was found abandoned, tied to a fence in a desolate area of Brooklyn. Because he is all white he has a mild skin condition common in Pits. It is nothing of concern and barely noticeable. He is up to date on his shots, microshipped and neutered. He is magnificent!!



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Sounds like Milo is awesome. I have a 4-year old AmStaff — same temperment: no barking, tap dance, goofy, funny, loyal. Sounds like Milo is really well behaved w/ all the basics & someone will be lucky to give him a home. Pits are amazingly smart. I’ve taught my pooch to play fetch, sit at corners, pee on command on walks, sit/stay/wait/stop/bolt. And they can make for great apartment dogs if you give them enough exercise. I play fetch/ball with mine 2x a day in addition to his regular walks — when I’m not home he sleeps all day he’s so exhausted….he’s never destroyed or damaged a single piece or furniture. Good luck to Milo!


Thank you for saving Milo! He is absolutely adorable. 🙂 I hope he finds a good home soon (and I’m glad that you are screening people very carefully). Good luck – and keep us posted! I’d like to know if he finds a forever home. 🙂