Board of Ed Meeting – 5/19/2009


Meeting tonight at 7pm.

Hoboken Board of Education meeting of April 7, 2009

LOCATION: Board Meeting Room (1115 Clinton Street)

Organizational Session

  1. Appoint Delegates and Alternate Delegates to State and local Board association.
  2. Appoint Board Officials – Paid/Unpaid
  3. Professional Service Contract Awards/Appointments through RFQ’s.
  4. Appointment of In-House or Outside Board Counsel.
  5. Fees for copies of public documents (OPRA).
  6. Procurement of Goods and Services through State Contract.
  7. Procurement of Goods and Services through Cooperative Pricing Agreement.
  8. Designation of newly elected Board President as authorized signer on Business Office Checking Accounts; Rescission of prior resolution.
  9. Re-adoption of Policy Manual.
  10. Implement 2009-2010 Budget.
  11. Designation of Superintendent or Business Administrator: Transfer Authority.

Stated Session

  1. Approval of minutes.
  2. Utilization of vehicles: outside agencies.
  3. Personnel: appointments, transfers, postings, committee realignments, leave of absence, termination, resignation, retirements, suspensions, negotiations, retirement withdrawal request, reduction in force, increment withholding, and dismissal of staff personnel.
  4. Possible closed session discussion on potential litigation, negotiations, and tenure or disciplinary charges.
  5. Fiscal reports, school reports, fire drill reports, Board Committee reports, A148 and A149 financial reports, budget line transfers.
  6. Possible discussion and/or action on the future of the school district’s facilities.
  7. Claims, regular and workers compensation.
  8. Approval of payroll
  9. Participation in N.J. Transit Bus Pass Program.
  10. Annual Maintenance Budget Amount Worksheet (Form M-1) and Comprehensive Maintenance Plan.
  11. Emergency Student Aid Expenditure – Senior Class Trip cost for economically disadvantaged students.
  12. Purchase used school bus.
  13. Joint Transportation Agreement.
  14. Special Education tuition contracts.
  15. Field Trip and workshops. Any matters relating to the above items that may come before the Board. Please be advised that the Board may be required to go into closed executive session during this meeting to discuss potential litigation and personnel items. Action may be taken on all agenda items.Published by order of theBoard of Education of theSchool District of the City of Hoboken.David Anthony, Board Secretary

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WHO is more closely related to WHICH former comm. of ed? Please be specific–provide names and details. Thanks!


Not that common. He is much more closely related to the former commissioner of education.


In Italy it is.


No, he’s not. Gagliardi is a fairly common name.



Can you tell us if the new outside attorney Kids First just hired, named Vito Gagliardi, is related to former Hoboken superintendent Patrick Gagliardi?