What? Another nail / hair salon?

Update 4/1/06 – They opened on the 24th of March.
Savvy hair grand opening.JPG

3/22/06 – I guess latest census numbers were WAY off. Because yet another nail/hair salon is opening on 10th and Washington.

savvy hair and nails1.JPG

Previously home to the doomed Carol Marsh campaign headquarters and the doomed “Internet Zone”. My guess is that this is a creepy doomed location. Unless they have an open bar in there when they give out the $60 haircuts, I’d expect the “coming soon” sign to be replaced with a “for sale” sign in less than a year. Maybe they’ll have good luck since the didn’t spell it “Comming soon”.
savvy hair and nails2.JPG

I wonder how the quality hair salon Ferraz will do after they open?

ferraz sign new.JPG

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You need to update your pic. Windows are cleaned off. Wow check out those oversized pedicure message chairs. Looks very comfy hopefully the staff can give as good as service as the chair can.