Hoboken Week in Review – 5/17/2009



All the tension, campaigning and smearing for the past sixth months resulted in another four weeks before we know who will be the next Mayor of Hoboken.

With that being said – hopefully the candidates will save their energy for a bit before the fliers and mailings begin again!

hoboken411 week in review may 17 2009 - Hoboken Week in Review - 5/17/2009

So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, May 17th, 2009?

Hottest general topics of the week

  1. RUNOFF!
    The dust settled, and Hoboken is left with two choices for Mayor: Peter Cammarano or Dawn Zimmer.
  2. VOTING!
    Lots of fierce chatter on Hoboken411 while the polls were open last week.
    Hoboken411 reader estevens conveniently packages ELEC reports for you to snack on.
  4. SWAMPY!
    We take a look at the past affiliations of Council At-Large candidate Carol Marsh.
  5. YMCA!
    The struggling YMCA responds to recent reports of their financial trouble.
    A 411 reader wonders about the legitimacy of a campaign “supporter” outside the PATH.
  7. JUICY!
    We discuss juicing; the benefits and drawbacks. A Hoboken411 Diet Plan coming soon.
  8. BABIES!
    The 8th Annual Hoboken Baby Parade is coming soon!
  9. DONNA!
    An outspoken (and often hard to deal with) local political groupie is spotted snagging candidate signs off street poles.
  10. SWEEP!
    No, not a sports event – but rather a rather ambiguous Reader Photo gets discussed.

Business Updates

Event Calendar

Don’t forget to check the Hoboken411 event calendar!

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