Counting people will cause inflation?


Fact or Fiction?

Here’s a Saturday afternoon video for you to ponder.

As some of you might know – I’m somewhat a fan of Peter Schiff – and his economic viewpoints.

In this particular video clip from last week’s Hard Assets Investment Conference in New York City – Schiff makes sense when it comes to economic bailouts of large corporations – and more!

(note: video quality is slightly sub-par)

2010 Census will be painful

“Peter Schiff addressed the government’s hiring of 60,000 census workers last month, which we discussed in our latest article. Most mainstream economists are phrasing the government’s plan to hire 1 million census workers in the next couple of years as a stimulus to our economy. The fact is, these are non-productive jobs and those who earn pay checks for counting people will now be competing against all of us when it comes to purchasing consumer goods!

Massive inflation is coming. Please prepare your friends by spreading the word about!”

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strand tramp
strand tramp
you link opened to the main page of the caucus so since i’m too lazy to cut/paste the rest of the link i’ll assume that you are just referring to some BS by the caucus, which is about as relevant as pelosi’s latest claim that the CIA lied to her. (hey, is this a funny situation watching the press slam her or what?) the reality is that the spending that is going on right now under obama is resulting in dollars being printed at a rate that has never been imagined. the value of the dollar is going to plunge and inflations will reach double digits before year end IMO. recall i said 8 mos ago that unemployment would reach double digits by summer. well we got here sooner than i expected. oh and BTW tomorrow obama will announce the first ever nationwide standard for emmissions for motor vehicles as dictated by the whitehouse. recall that the Big Three has stated for years that raising standards costs them billions every time it is done. we this time it will be YOUR billions paying for it at GM and Chrysler!….and you shareholders in Ford? yes that would be the Federal Govt that your car company is now competing with. i wonder what foreign car companies will say to the WTO about subsidies to GM and Chrysler? especially when the US govt complains about subsidies to Airbus in trying to assist Boeing. oh what a tangled web barry is weaving.. sorry Ford… Read more »

Ha..These people think inflation is going to get bad…check out what ole Bushy’s presidency did to us:{D68CD0B2-1442-4804-9F6B-AF67DE7FF585}&DE={FDD09C4F-E958-4E13-A92B-179C2FAC6FEA}&Design=PrintView

Now THIS is inflation at it’s finest.