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Donna is still at it

donna-antonucci-hoboken-2There goes Donna Antonucci again. In her zeal to support the candidates she likes, Donna is again misrepresenting the record of one of the candidates she doesn’t.

One of her favorite targets is Anthony Pasquale of the Mason Team. She’s even been seen yelling at him while he campaigns. Donna is trying to hang the failure of the Hoboken Housing Authority board to keep a handle on former Executive Director E. Troy Washington at the feet of Pasquale, who actually resigned from the board three years before Washington left the Housing Authority in a difficult spot.

In what may come as a surprise to Donna, it was actually her new pal Michael Lenz and his ally on the HHA board who supported a 5-year contract extension for Washington in November of 2001, 15 months AFTER Pasquale left the HHA board. Here’s a letter from Pasquale attempting to clear the air. Each point was accompanied by citations from local newspapers.

Pasquale: I’m proud of my work for the HHA

Anthony Pasquale“I grew up on in the fourth ward on First and Jefferson, and was very fortunate to go on to a 29-year management career at one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Hoboken gave me so much that back in 1997 when the Mayor asked me to volunteer my services to give back to the community I love, I took on the challenge.

Now that I’m running for City Council as part of The Mason Team for One Hoboken, my sincere efforts and record of accomplishment have been twisted into unsigned midnight fliers and internet smear campaigns. Please allow me a few moments of your time to set the record straight.

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(Pasquale, continued…)

“When I joined the volunteer Hoboken Housing Authority board in August of 1997 it was a neglected agency sorely in need of professional management and oversight to address over a decade of neglect.

The board hired Alvin Steingold as Executive Director in September 1997 and on my recommendation changed the meeting times and locations to encourage more resident participation. We also doubled the number of meetings to put in the hours necessary to hear from the public and get things done.

In February 1998, Steingold recommended the board hire E. Troy Washington as the HHA’s new Controller (similar to a CFO). Also at this time the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the HHA was ranked last in Hudson County. This score was for a period of time that preceded my appointment to the board. Later that year the score was reviewed, which caused a downward revision that put the HHA into “Troubled Agency” status.

In May 1998 when I was chosen the new Chairman of the volunteer board the weekly paper reported, “Pasquale… has taken much time during his first year to ask detailed questions about whatever matters were on the agenda.” This was a clear departure from the past.

Steingold announced he was looking to leave the HHA in October 1998. After consulting with HUD’s on-site personnel — who came to Hoboken to help fix the mess we inherited – HUD recommended the board hire Washington from within to be the new Executive Director. Since the HHA was still a “Troubled Agency”, there was no saying “No” to HUD recommendations.

After much hard work, the HHA emerged from troubled agency status in August 1999. Though there was more work to be done, HUD left the premises and listed seven positive improvements and accomplishments during my tenure as chairman, including:

Employee training, Upgraded telephone systems, implementation of an apartment inspection program, additional community outreach, a security firm to increase safety, improved lighting and signage, the reorganization of the maintenance department, renovation of 598 bathrooms, a window replacement program in two senior buildings, and the replacement of some fire alarms, sprinkler systems, washer/driers and elevators. In short, we were getting things done.

HUD felt these were great accomplishments under our board and Washington as Executive Director. In August of 2000 I left an agency on an upswing, but one that was becoming more and more a pawn in a political game ahead of the Mayoral election of 2001. I stepped down from the board because I took on greater responsibility at my job and could no longer dedicate the time necessary to serve the HHA.

I had taken on more individuals who directly reported to me, became responsible for the investment section of the management discussion and analysis for my company’s 10k and 10q filings with the SEC, and for investment presentations to the Board of Directors regarding the investment section of the company (AXA/Equitable). This was a full plate.

In 2001 the political bickering enveloping the HHA was so bad the board didn’t meet for five months! I was long gone during this time, and was never a party to the later allegations of mismanagement leveled at Washington, who was never formally charged with any specific wrongdoing. Every one of those charges was brought into the public arena years after I left the HHA board.

Washington left the HHA in late 2003 to run the Jersey City Housing Authority, three years after I resigned.

I’m running for City Council because enough is enough. The Mason Team for One Hoboken will set our city on a new course of accountability and transparency. Please vote for Beth Mason for Mayor (9A), Vinny Addeo, Raul Morales II, and me, Anthony Pasquale for City Council (positions 5B-6B-7B) on May 12.

Anthony Pasquale
Candidate for City Council”

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The ‘bullet’ votes got him. And poor Beth got Shell-shocked.
Politics gives great jolts at times. See ya…


He is the bestest candidate cause the expensive PR flacks wrote a good letter and cause beth and her minions say so.

Unfortunately, the voters saw through it and sent beth packing.


I’m glad Mr. Pasquale took the time to write this letter. It is excellent and reinforces my impression that he is qualified and would be a good person to serve on the city council. I am hoping that he ends up in the runoff with his council teammates. I think he is a better candidate than Alicea, who also served in the Housing Authority board during the same period and for many more years than Pasquale and has not had to endure the scrutiny and constant criticism that Pasquale has.


hobores – correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Mason not see fit to respond (or respond very very late) to the Hobokenrevolt questionnaire? Could it be that these people chose to support Dawn after she did respond to their questionnaire in a manner they agreed with? I honestly don’t know, I don’t know these people, this group or their affiliations prior to the Zimmer email you cited.

Red Haven
Red Haven
Tama Murden, if Donna doesn’t answer the charges it’s on her, not on 411, who clearly stated she was NOT banned despite her calculated response to the contrary. Donna has been wrong at every turn and deserves to be rebuked. When shown to be wrong she shakes it off and repeats her error anyway. As for the Revolt group as a whole, it has degenerated into a Zimmer/Lenz front, which is ironic because when it began the Zimmer people claimed it was a Mason front! Just take a look at their steering committee and their endorsements: Jonathan Metsch — Endorsed Zimmer Scott Delea — Endorsed Zimmer Bo Dziman — Endorsed Zimmer Gretchen Brigden — no public endorsement Jackie Burton — no public endorsment Richard Pasquarelli — with Zimmer, but didn’t write a letter because he hopes Beth Mason will buy more of his paintings (just kidding Rich) Adrienne Choma — Endorsed Zimmer Valerie Pels — Rich’s wife, and one of the few clear heads in that group Donna Antonucci — Endorsed Zimmer and actively bashed Mason in the name of REVOLT for Dawn. Toni Tomarazzo — Apparently saying she is voting for Zimmer, but is so close to the Cammaranos that I wouldn’t be surprised if she tosses him a mercy vote after last week’s fiasco. Eric Kurta — Publicly neutral, as the President of POG should be. Tina Hahn — Just joined the Revolt board after replaced yet another open Zimmer endorser who was on the board last week.… Read more »