Renaissance Pilates

Renaissance Pilates Hoboken, NJ

Renaissance Pilates Hoboken NJ 104 Hudson Street

Description: Pilates instruction.
Address: 104 Hudson Street 5th Floor (main studio), Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-386-1141

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007 4:16 pm

Renaissance Pilates has a new location at 104 Hudson Street, right next to police station, on the 5th floor. This is a great pilates studio, much warmer and friendlier that larger studios in the city. Danielle (the owner) cares about her clients and knows all of them by name! She is also an EXCELLENT instructor. Rachel is also a very good instructor and very fun too. You can’t get this type of instruction at your gym. I’ve taken pilates classes at my gym and classes at Renaissance, and the classes at Renaissance are sooo much better. At my gym the instructors I’ve had are not even using the correct form so how can they teach me correct form? The gym instructors seem to rush thru the exercises, while at Renaissance, the instructor actually cares if you do the moves correctly. They also have a fun “cardiolates” class using a rebounder so you can get a little cardio work while doing pilates too. I would recommend Renaissance Pilates to everyone in Hoboken. (Just ask for Rachel or Danielle and you’ll be sure to get a great instructor). 😀

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