Hoboken Week in Review – 5/10/2009


April Showers, May Freaks!

I love political season in Hoboken. Not because of the candidates, the slates and the issues – but to watch what appear to be normal folks on the outside – turn into raging maniacs! From the angry groupies who live and die by each sentence, to the jealous chore boys who are about as significant as a sneeze during a category 5 hurricane – it’s a hilarious freak show!

Thankfully, for the more than 200,000 unique readers that stop by during each month – I save you from the filthy pond scum that easily appears on other, lesser-managed sites. The “Brita Filter of Hoboken!” Perhaps after the election, I’ll compile a list of the contaminated comments that never “polluted” Hoboken411 – whether blatant post rules violators, council-candidate imposters, psychotic nutjobs, multiple personality disorder junkies and envious idiots. It’s a tough job maintaining civil discourse, but someone has to do it!


So, for all the sensible readers, what made the most discussed entries for the two weeks ending Sunday, May 10th, 2009?

Hottest general topics of the week

  1. OH BABY!
    Some news about a child that a local politician had – but no one knew about. Thank god it’s Mother’s Day today!
  2. DEBATE!
    See all the video from recent campaign forums.
  3. OBAMA!
    Like every other Prez – this one divides citizens as well.
  4. YMCA!
    The local “Y” in a bit of trouble recently!
  5. KABOOM!
    Best news of the week: The Annual Macy’s Fireworks show – right on the Hudson!
  6. SOGGY!
    The spring Arts & Music Festival was rainy – and uneventful.
  7. SPLAT!
    The paintball gun maniacs strike again, this time with added “SMASH!” too!
  8. IMAGES!
    Another installment of the “Week in the Life” photo series. This time featuring BrooklynBridget!
    A sample of some of the candidates promotional videos. Will the winners come through on their promises?
  10. UNDER .500!
    Wassup with the Yankees? The richest team in baseball is floundering quite a bit!

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