Waterfront Museum & Showboat Barge


If you’re not into the Hoboken International Film Festival – you’re in luck! The Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge is floating into town on May 26th (through June 5th!) It’ll be docked near Lackawanna Plaza.

hoboken waterfront museum may 26 2009 - Waterfront Museum & Showboat Barge

A week of history, education and entertainment

“The Museum preserves the flavor of life along the river by transforming an obsolete vessel into a classroom and auditorium. Participants feel the decks move beneath their feet, hear waterfront sounds, experience the tides, and smell the salt air. From the barge and pier, visitors are treated to a rare front view of the Statue of Liberty, and to the tugs, freighters, container and cruise ships which crisscross the harbor daily. Within a low-income community and underutilized waterfront area that has lost contact with its shores, we also represent a source of public pride where all ages can come together and enjoy the social, scenic and historic charm of the new life aboard an old barge.

The Barge, an otherwise plain, utilitarian vessel, has served as a catalyst to pioneer access to the water’s edge in several communities. Successful in getting people to return to the waterfront for fishing, picnicking, cultural activities, and harbor vistas, now the time is right to focus on the site as a destination for maritime history. Unlike many large historic vessels with small confines, the barge can be easily transported within the Harbor and sports a large covered open deck. By developing an interactive and exciting program to offer both tourists and schools throughout New York State, the barge offers an authentic learning environment which can weave education into a fun experience.”

See full schedule of events after the jump!!

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(Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge, continued…)

See the workings of The Port of New York/New Jersey as a commercial hub that delivers things very close to us, like: fuel, clothes and food. Participants will also discover the natural resources and wildlife of the harbor. May 30 and 31 at 1 pm. Four-hour harbor tour. Free, donations appreciated. For more information visit www.tugpegasus.org or call (212) 406–2225.

FILM: “Steamboat Bill Junior”
Starring Buster Keaton. The 1928 film will be introduced and presented with live piano accompaniment by Ben Model, silent film accompanist at MoMA. Buster Keaton plays the son of a riverboat captain who comes home from college to help run the family business. Also being shown archival footage of NY Harbor filmed between 1896-1906. Program presented by Projected Images of Hudson County. May 28 at 7:30 pm. Tickets: $8 in advance at www.smarttix.com or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $10 at the door.

STAGED READING: “On the Waterfront”
Budd Schulberg’s classic story of the New York/New Jersey waterfronts and the racketeering unions controlling it. Produced by the Brave New World Repertory Theatre, www.bravenewworldrep.org. May 29 Complimentary wine & cheese 7:30 pm, Staged Reading 8:00 pm, Tickets: $18 in advance at www.smarttix.com or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $18 at the door if available.

MUSIC: “The Fuzzy Lemons” – Family-Friendly Rock & Roll, The Fuzzy Lemons. May 30 at 2:30 pm. Tickets $12 in advance at www.smarttix.com or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $14 at the door.

MUSIC: “Sunset Music Series”
Featuring sea shanties by The Crimson Pirates. Drinks and light refreshments available. May 30 starting at 8 pm. $10 in advance at www.smarttix.com or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $12 at the door.

CIRCUSundays 2009
Featuring performers from around the globe who will dazzle with dexterity and delight. Hosted by Artistic Director Karen E. Gersch. May 31, 1 and 4 pm. Advance tickets: Adults $14, Kids under 12 – $10 at www.smarttix.com or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets at the door: Adults $18, Kids under 12 years $12.

“How They Honored Hudson and Fulton in the Celebration of 1909” by Bob Foster, Executive Director, Hoboken Historical Museum. June 2 at 7 pm. Advance tickets $5 from www.smarttix.com or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $7 at the door.

Come relax and enjoy an evening of fun and festivities bringing history to life while supporting the Tug & Barge to visit towns up and down the Hudson. Complimentary food, wine, beer & entertainment. June 3 at 5:30–8:30 pm. For more fundraiser information visit www.tugpegasus.org or call (212) 406–2225.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009 4:22 pm

and I always wanted to be Steamboat Willy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009 12:39 am

Whatever happened to TUGBOAT ANNIE! I wanted to be her when I
grew up.

Reply to  Margaret
Saturday, May 23, 2009 12:50 pm

OK now that’s friggin scary.

In response to Margaret who said:

Whatever happened to TUGBOAT ANNIE! I wanted to be her when I
grew up.

Friday, May 15, 2009 9:02 pm

heard they are adding a Thursday Am “floating yoga” session too. Does anyone on this board do yoga? Speaking personally, I’m a little, uh, outta practice

Friday, May 15, 2009 6:34 pm

This sounds wonderful. “Steamboat Bill Jr” is a classic; I love the scene in the hat shop and the one where Buster is trying to cook eggs for two in a commercial kitchen with pots you could bathe in.

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