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Hoboken Photo of the Day – 5/8/2009

If you wonder why the Jersey Journal is on the verge of bankruptcy, just look at this picture. The paper nearly shut down last month, and copies aren’t exactly flying off the stands in Hoboken (unwrapped still in the late afternoon). Actually, it’s a real shame. Hudson County is big enough – with plenty of juicy stories (just look at what we have in Hoboken alone!) This county should be able to sustain a real newspaper like the Star Ledger or Bergen Record, instead, we get a pile of unsold tabloids heading to the recycle bin.


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LOL @ 411– agreed.

Some newspapers also resized themselves in order to cut down on paper costs and waste, NotfromNJ.


I thought the Jersey Journal was a free paper…

It’s one of the local papers that you are required to use for issuing public notice.


Conspiracy theories about timing aside, I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem specific to the Jersey Journal. Print newspapers all over the place are in trouble, just due to the changing ways people are getting the news (i.e. the internet). Especially newspapers that serve a local community.

Probably more and more local newspapers will go “online only” in the near future.
It’s not necessarily because of the quality of the writing. Who’s going to pay for a dead tree paper when you can go online and find the same (if not more up-to-date) material at the online site.