More “Chibama” adventures!

5/22/2009 Update:

I really like this guy’s sense of humor… for some Friday Fun – here’s the continuing saga of the Obama Chia Head: “Chibama.”

Waterboarding for Peace!

“Well it is once again time to honor our Great Leader.

Because he has changed his position on “torture” and refuses now to release TRUE torture pictures – (what a joke that is) – we thought that this week we could really put Saint Obama to the test, and show his willingness to withstand waterboarding for peace!

What a brave soul Saint Obama is. He has dedicated his life to peace through surrender: first to Chavez in Venezuela, Castro in Cuba, the lunatics in Iran, who knows who is next? He will just keep us guessing.”




I find today’s Readerpix entry quite entertaining. A Hoboken411 reader received some photos from relatives in the Midwest – about their “pet project,” The Obama Chia Head – or as they called it the “ChiBama.”

Hoboken411 reader photo gallery of the day – 5/8/2009

Photo One: I thought you would enjoy seeing the progress of my Obama Chia Pet. However, my secretary is toast if she does not get his bald spot cleared up! I told her that her most important job was to make sure the chia pet thrives! I think that this is a fitting salute to Saint Obama’s 100th day of greatness!

Photo Two: In these perilous times, with severe risk of infection from the dreaded Mexican Oink Flu, we have taken extraordinary precautions to protect our Obama Chia Pet.
Keep in mind that I specifically got my Obama Chia Pet to honor the genius who just one month ago said that he did not speak “Austrian.” (Neither do the Austrians – they speak German).

It is so great to have such a brilliant guy in the White House, isn’t it?”

[Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Readerpix entry! – Note: one reader’s photo(s) will be featured each day at approximately 11am. Unless your photo is time-sensitive – it will be published in the order it was received! Additional note: Your pictures will have a better chance of being published if they’re in “landscape” mode, as opposed to the taller “portrait” modes… ]

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I agree with elainetyger. I’m an Obama fan and I think the Chibama head is funny.


I think I found the answer to my question here:

Liz Cheney Accidentally Lets The Truth Fly: Dad Is Afraid Of Prosecution


You say Shia, I say Chia, let’s call the whole thing off!


Why is it offensive?

I voted for Obama and still think it’s funny. Even if it weren’t funny, I don’t see where the offense is taken. Whoever made this is not showing any indication of actual violent intent and is making a political statement with illustration, no differently than an op-ed cartoonist except it’s 3D instead of just a drawing.



How dare you step outside the northeast liberal political orthodoxy??? How dare you hint at an opinion that is not Correct®? An opinion that is not ours?

If you keep it up we will have no choice but to smear your reputation and marginalize you!

Get thee to a re-education camp pronto!