Hoboken411 GPS Giveaway!

6/6/2009 Winner!

And the winner is…

The top vote-getter for the Hoboken411 Bumper Sticker Contest was: “Turnpike is that way.” Congrats to Ian for winning the Tom Tom GPS Unit!
GPS Bumper Sticker 9 turnpike that way

I said, that as part of this contest – the winning entry would also be made into an actual bumper sticker… However, I’m wondering if that’s wise.. Would you pay $2 for this bumper sticker? Alternatively – I was thinking of making a more standard entry into a sticker, namely the “I Heart Hoboken” one. What do you guys think?

See all entries, etc. after the jump…

6/4/2009 Last Chance:

Voting ends at 5pm today – so in case you haven’t voted yet – please do! I’ll choose the final winner from the top vote getters this weekend!

5/31/2009 Update / Vote!

Hoboken411 GPS Contest Entries

The entries to the Hoboken411 Bumper Sticker / GPS giveaway contest are in! Thanks and good luck to all that participated!

See photo gallery here – and vote below. See all the individual entries after the break!


[poll id=”7″]

(Note: I will make the final decision based on the top vote-getters, and other factors!)


(Hoboken Bumper Sticker Entries, continued…)

GPS Bumper Sticker 1 dont follow me

GPS Bumper Sticker 2 double parked

GPS Bumper Sticker 3 cammarano family

GPS Bumper Sticker 4 Cammarano broke 2014

GPS Bumper Sticker 5 yellow curb parking permit

GPS Bumper Sticker 10 thanks for just visiting

GPS Bumper Sticker 7 BMW

GPS Bumper Sticker 8 last exit

GPS Bumper Sticker 9 turnpike that way

GPS Bumper Sticker 6 See you next weekend

GPS Bumper Sticker 11 west of the border

GPS Bumper Sticker 12 priceless

GPS Bumper Sticker 13 Gentrify

GPS Bumper Sticker 14 broads and booze

GPS Bumper Sticker 15 Heaven Hell Hoboken

GPS Bumper Sticker 16 Brake for parking

GPS Bumper Sticker 17 last spot

GPS Bumper Sticker 18 Residential Parking Permit

GPS Bumper Sticker 19 where do you get off

GPS Bumper Sticker 20 hail mary

GPS Bumper Sticker 21 boot

GPS Bumper Sticker 22 I heart Hoboken white

GPS Bumper Sticker 23 I heart Hoboken black

5/27/2009 Update/Reminder:

Here’s a friendly reminder about the current Hoboken411 contest! I’ve already received quite a few entries (some are REALLY good!) – but you have till Sunday, May 31st to get your entries in! I’ll post them all up in a gallery next week – and you can vote on your favorite. I’ll judge from the top vote-getters which one wins the GPS device!

Please see contest rules & guidelines below!


Win a free TomTom GPS unit!


I received a brand new in-the-box Tom Tom One GPS unit that I have no use for – and would love to give it away to one lucky Hoboken411 reader! With all the GPS thefts, parking issues & complaints about the roads, this seems like a fun, timely contest!

But wait – there’s a catch!

Hoboken Bumper Sticker Design Contest!

Are you good with graphic design? Can you come up with clever ideas? Hoboken-related concepts? Want or need a GPS unit?

Well then this contest is for you!


  • The goal is to create a funny, witty, relevant Hoboken bumper sticker (having the word “Hoboken” helps a lot!)
  • Design must be one of two sizes: 900×1500 pixels or 900×3000 pixels (which is either 3×5″ or 3×10″) – the larger one would be preferred.
  • You can submit any design you want – however, a clean, high-contrast image is usually best for bumper stickers. Complex imagery will not look too good when printed.
  • The winning design will not only receive the GPS device – but have his or her entry made into actual bumper stickers!
  • Entries will be posted on Hoboken411 – and readers will vote. I will ultimately choose from the top vote-getters (depending on number of entries)

So bust out your comedy helmets and photoshopping skills and send entries to Hoboken411@gmail.com (files MUST be attached to email.)

Good luck!

(PS, rules are subject to change depending on circumstances unknown at this moment)

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LOL @ “I just got the last spot in Hoboken!” That gets my early vote.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

Come On 17! Get Up! Get UP!



strand tramp
strand tramp

yeah well being this pleasant has made me dizzy. there’s a happy hour starting somewhere, i’m sure of it.


Can we submit multiple designs?