City Council 5/6/2009 – Preview


Could be a quickie!

Supposedly, items are being pulled left and right for tonight’s City Council meeting. There will be no action on the redevelopment zones and other controversial items on the agenda – and the meeting will be very quick as the candidates rush the hell out of there to get back on the campaign trail.

The over/under for this meeting is about 67.5 minutes. Any bets?



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I’m going with the under. For those who attend the best thing will be not having to suffer with the insufferable Labruno’s low class smoker’s voice.

That and Peter “The Condescender” Camma-RAT-0 may not even interrupt the public speakers during their five minutes. He’ll restrict himself to snide offhand remarks this time.

Wot a guy!

Judge Nino calls the house to order. Dismissed.