Rock 4 the Cause


Hoboken resident Ryan wants to share this event taking place next week – a benefit for a good cause, spearheaded by a New Jersey native who overcame Hodgkins!


Rock 4 The Cause – Hiro Ballroom NYC

“I am an avid visitor of I love the concept of keeping Hoboken’s residents (including myself) “in the know” in terms of the latest news, gossip, and surroundings, while allowing users to be hands-on in a blogging atmosphere. Being a participant in the digital media industry for several years, it’s great to see the site continue to growing!

As maintains its strong brand name, there was a non-profit organization that I would love bring to your attention. A good friend of mine was diagnosed at a young age with Non- Hodgkins lymphoma. Michael Russell has been a North Jersey resident throughout his childhood now residing in Midtown Manhattan. He was fortunate enough to battle through and beat the cancer motivating him to start “A Cause 4 Celebration.” The foundation was established in 2008 designed to raise money and awareness for different organizations while creating events to raise money for charities, research, care, and treatment for pediatric cancer.”

More about the Rock4theCause event –

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