Where are these cars?


Here’s a little photo quiz for a soggy Monday!

Have you ever been here?

where is this parking lot in hoboken - Where are these cars?

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That’s funny, considering I read this today in a 1974 copy of the Stevens Newspaper:

“Next Wednesday, February 13, will be the first opportunity for anyone to ever vote for an elected school board member
in Hoboken. Voters in Hoboken decided last May that they wanted to have no more appointments to the school board,and to open it up to the voters. Next Wednesday will be the day to see how many voters really care enough about the schools
jobs will be included. A section to come Out to vote; it will quite a test of interest.

There will be no ballots printed ahead of the election and sent to voters as a reminder. The polls will not even be open the regular hours, so voters have to be informed.

Voting will take place Wednes-day February 13 from 2 to 9 P.M. at your regular voting place.

Fifteen candidates are contesting for three places.

All registered voters of Hoboken, including Stevens students who are registered are eligible to vote on the 13th.”


What is this, a school board election? The question is posted at 10 in the morning, no one answers correctly, and the correct answer is posted at 2 in the afternoon. Give those of who work a chance. Crikey!

I park in that building, so I pretty much knew it was the new parking garage for the Tea Building and others.


although it could be parking lot for those tall residential buildings on :

Grand Street, between 4th and 5th

Willow Av, between 5th and 6th

those have numbers on them and perpendicular parking arrangements. I think Park on Park is diagonal