St Patrick’s Day Parade


Here’s a question. Out of those 554 “other” violations, how many were for open containers? I mean there are plenty of other “disorderly” citations they could have handed out.. loud parties, disturbing the peace, public urination, etc, that don’t have the same “stiff” penalty. Does anyone know?

Anyway, 411 reader Amy sent this to me earlier in the week, but I totally lost sight of it. She said:

St. Patrick’s Day Parade violation summary. It seems a total of 1815 summonses were issued during parade day. 1156 were parking violations, 105 were moving violations, and 554 were violations of other city ordinances (such as drunk, disorderly, etc). I did some rough estimates and came up with a number of around $175,000 in revenue for the city. Anyone else have a similar number?

Hello, I found the above paragraph on your site when I was trying to figure out what my day in court for my open container ticket was going to be like.. Well, today I had my two seconds in court, and got my fine. Oddly enough the cop who gave me my ticket said he was sorry to do it, and if we would just go to court the judge would take some off the fine. Instead of that happening, the fine was changed to $1000 plus $33 in court fees.

I just wondered if you used that in your figuring for the total made by the city from their ticket giving escapades that day! Judging by the number of people who had to call their credit card companies to allow over $1000 charges, we were all taken by surprise by the large fine.

Amy (Not happy in Hoboken)

3/6/2007 Stats:

560 tickets were issued on Parade day. I wonder how that compares to previous years?

3/5/2007 Follow up:

Here’s some mail received yesterday from Hoboken411 reader Max_Power concerning the “after-party” cleanup. And I see other posters had mentioned Washington Street was cleaned up somewhat, but many side streets were neglected.


I know this happens every year after the parade, but the streets are an absolute mess today – beer cans, plastic cups, cig butts, pizza boxes, etc. absolutely everywhere, thanks also in part to the wind today.

My question is why aren’t the parade organizers, or perhaps the bar owners in town that made a killing yesterday, required to arrange for sanitation crews to clean up? I realize it’s a completely different scale, but look at the cleanup that takes place in Times Square on Jan 1st each year. I know that’s the NYC sanitation dept. that takes that lead on that, but I believe that the Times Square Alliance also provides financial support. Why can’t the city make this a stipulation in the parade permit?

I’m not talking about street sweepers (which I know have been discussed here in the past), but actual sanitation workers with a broom and shovel that can get not only the streets but sidewalks, too. Washington Street was cleaned today by these guys as it is each Sunday morning, but the rest of town is disgusting. How hard would it be to send a crew down either side of each street today? Say you send two guys down each of the 15 east/west streets and two down each of the 14 north/south streets — that’s 58 guys. Pay each $150 and you’re not even talking $10K, which is probably a drop in the bucket compared to all of the overtime paid to cops yesterday.

3/2/2007 Another Bump:

Here’s three various You Tube videos from years past, as recent as 2006. Warning: Drunken behavior.

green nuclear bomb hoboken - St Patrick's Day Parade3/2/2007 Bump:

D-day is almost here. For those that haven’t already read the “rules” of the event issued by the Hoboken Hospitality Association, check out Furey’s entry in the comment section.

Additionally, I’d like to remind any of you again that are out and about during this day to please carry your cameras and submit any notable situations you may have experienced. Whether you’re at a packed bar, in a long line, witness some police action, passed out drunks or anything else, please feel free to submit them to With all this hype, it could very well be the most boring St. Pat’s day ever.

Discuss amongst yourselves!

tough police - St Patrick's Day Parade2/16/2007 Update:

So there was a meeting of the minds over at City Bistro yesterday at noon. About 20-25 bar owners came down to meet with Hoboken Police Chief LaBruno.

To briefly sum it up, the Chief made it clear that any bar in violation would be penalized to the fullest extent of the law. He also said that while bars can open as early as 6am, those who choose to open before 11am would be watched much more closely. In essence, open before 11am and face great scrutiny, but open after 11am and you may be left alone.

I guess the Chief is still going to be vigilant, despite no resolution being passed. So all bars, house-parties, and other alcohol-related shin-digs better be on their A-game in two weeks!

2/7/2007 Update:

This resolution was shot down. Dozens of people showed up (bar owners, parade committee members) to express their dissatisfaction.

Ironically, more time was spent discussing the couple hours of boozing than the $52 million dollar Hospital fiasco.

The police chief made some good points, including that the police squad is severely under-staffed. I believe that even with canceling vacations, having help from the Port Authority and Transit Police, they will still be out-numbered by the drunken revelers. This is more of a societal problem than a city issue. The city can only do the best they can with the limited resources they have.

So, 411 readers, please get your cameras ready that day and photograph any and all “disorderly” drunks fighting, vomiting, urinating, etc.

When you have a large “party” focused on consumption of alcohol, there’s not much you can do. Collectively, it’s up to us as people to make positive changes. Anyone think otherwise?

FYI, here’s the proposed “Zero Tolerance” resolution set to be read at Wednesdays City Council meeting (more on that later).

councilzerotolerance - St Patrick's Day Parade

stpattydayold - St Patrick's Day ParadeThere seems to be a debate brewing about this.


“Certain members of the City Council are attempting to curb the Parade Day celebrations by forcing the Hospitality Industry of Hoboken to delay opening their doors by five hours. Several residents have complained to the certain members of the City Council that Parade Day is not beneficial to the community. In fact, the Hospitality Industry is one of Hoboken’s biggest employers and is the driving force of the local economy. These complaints have swayed the Council to address these complaints, demanding that the Industry remain closed until 11AM on March 3rd. We are asking local residents to voice your opinions by filling out the form below. During the City Council meeting, scheduled for Wednesday Feb 7th at 6:30pm, the Council will announce the conditions of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.”

Getting mixed reactions from readers so far. Some say it’s a shame that this is being proposed, where as others are indicating that the parade and the drinking that ensue “is an embarrassment and an abomination.”

A long time resident had this to say: “I’ve lived in Hoboken for 22 years now. It used to be a quaint little parade, a day when the drunks from all the little bars came out into the sun for a few hours and staggered up Washington Street. Instead of that, it’s turned into a swarm of 20-somethings hanging on their cell phones, waiting in lines to get into the bars (we used to make fun of people who did that in my day) and puking and peeing all over town (and each other). It’s disgusting.”

What are YOUR thoughts? How much money would be lost by the delayed opening? Will it really prevent any mayhem or mishaps?

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Saturday, January 9, 2010 6:16 pm

Poor planning and staffing could not handle the problem last year. No command post and inadequate amount of personnel. Pub. Safety Dir. and Acting Chief did not put entire force on duty and acted too late for support from surrounding agencies. Then the knee-jerk reaction by the Pub. Safety Director to cancel the parade without any consideration to it’s economic effect on our businesses in town…but this year they are not around.

Saturday, January 9, 2010 5:00 pm

This is going to be fun again!!

Friday, January 8, 2010 5:10 pm



MARCH 06. 2010


Reply to  hobolocal
Friday, January 8, 2010 6:49 pm


In response to hobolocal who said:



MARCH 06. 2010


Reply to  hobolocal
Saturday, January 9, 2010 11:41 am

Note to self

Go to home depot and buy plywood sheets and board up my home windows, make vacation plans for 3-5 – 3-7. Make sign for doorstep that reads “these steps are not a toilet so please puke piss and shit elsewhere”, move my BMW in to a garage that has 5th level availability. Cost out of pocket to me for above is 2k. Thanks

In response to hobolocal who said:



MARCH 06. 2010


Thursday, March 6, 2008 9:11 am

It’s over with. You all can save your whining for 2009.

(I will be nowhere near Hoboken by then).

Thursday, March 6, 2008 9:08 am

[quote comment=”71853″]stupid enough to shut up?[/quote]

Hasn’t stopped you yet.

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