Mayoral Endorsements

5/4/2009 Update:
Have received some letters so far, but with the server upgrade (and site down time) that took place this weekend – I’m extending the deadline a couple days to be fair. Some are the responses are very interesting since these endorsements are for Mayoral candidates exclusively. Amazing what is (and isn’t) said when you need to speak about the merits of individuals alone.

You have a couple days to send your letters in.


Submit your letter!

With all the nasty comments and personal attacks taking place during the 2009 Hoboken Municipal Election campaigns – it’s time to take a look at WHY Hoboken residents are supporting their chosen candidate – without the smear – and nothing but facts.


Introducing the Smear-Free Zone!

Whether you support major MAYORAL candidates Cammarano, Mason or Zimmer – or independents Melberg, Orsini or Vincent – we want to know WHY. This endorsement will be for MAYOR only – and not council members or choice of slates.

In other words – why this person is best qualified to be Mayor of Hoboken.


  1. Email Hoboken411 with your letter by the end of Sunday, May 3, 2009.
  2. The topic is “Why I’m supporting this person for MAYOR.”
  3. You must be a registered user before today with a comment published on 411 already. No new users!
  4. It helps if you provide your full name (will not be published) – but it is not necessary. However, preference will go towards those that are up front about who they are.
  5. No negative comparisons towards other candidates allowed.
  6. Reference the following in your letter:
    • Your candidate’s qualifications
    • Your candidate’s experience
    • Your candidate’s accomplishments as an elected official (if applicable)
    • Your candidate’s accomplishments as a civilian (before or during tenure, and when – if applicable)
  7. Additionally, how you feel your candidate will improve the city of Hoboken – and not just empty campaign promises like past Mayors.
  8. Finally, a closing paragraph as a message to other Hoboken voters – summarizing why your candidate is the best choice.
  9. Keeping the letters to 1,000 words or less

Unless there is overwhelming response, each candidate will be the subject of two positive letters published. If there are no responses showing support for that candidate – I’ll indicate as such.