Best local golf courses?


Hoboken411 reader Paul has a good question for the casual golf players in town…

Where can I play golf?

“I was wondering if there were any golf courses in Jersey near Hoboken. I am not a great golfer I am just looking for a decent public course where I can go have fun. If you know of any could you let me know. Thanks!”


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Are any of these course accessible from Hoboken via public transport?


Responding to people reminiscing about playing golf back in their respective home towns …

I have played golf when there was snow both falling from the sky as well as piled in drifts on the ground. Those are the days that you pull out the accursed, maligned and universally hated orange balls. See white? Play orange! Why? Because you can see it fly, land, sit, and you don’t give a hoot if you lose it.


[quote comment=”152040″][quote comment=”151947″]I grew up playing in West Jersey – Apple Mountain in Oxford & Washington Valley Country Club in Washington, NJ if you are looking one day for a nice drive out to the country.[/quote]

I used to play Apple Mountain every Sat. evening. What a heck of a drive out there, but a nice, quiet course, and not ridiculously overpriced. My two favorite memories of that place are when I par’d the par 6 on the back nine (yeah, I’m generally a crummy golfer), and the time I hit a nice drive, only to have a deer come up, pick up the ball in his mouth, and head off into the woods. Didn’t know what the official ruling in that case was supposed to be.[/quote]

The deer story is great!! That’s my hometown for ya..


I will provide the answer you want Paul. Through teetimeking I have found The Meadows Golf Club in Lincoln Park. It’s about a 25 minute drive from Hoboken.

The course is listed longer than it actually is so it builds some confidence and has fairly open fairways. Even if you miss wide right/left the rough is very forgiving. I just started playing last year and was able to shoot an 88 here. Put me on Rutgers course (also a decent option) and I shoot a 110. Check it out, rates are good too. Usually book the $57 tee time, which includes cart.


This is a county course that has been around for many years. I am not a player,college pe credit, also check the Bergen County site for other county courses.

Orchard Hills County Golf Course
(9 Holes)
Paramus Road, Paramus, Clubhouse (201) 447-3778
Closed Mondays.
A challenging par 35, 2,879-yard 9 hole course conveniently located in the center of Bergen County with landscape of distinction, set among beautiful, plush tree groves. Played as 9 or 18 holes this course guarantees an enjoyable and affordable round of golf.