A Taste of Hoboken

11/3/2006 Update:


Who’s attending the 2006 “A Taste of Hoboken”?

It may be considered costly for some, but it is for a good cause. And if you really want your money’s worth, I’d suggest eating really light all day and drink at least 10 glasses of wine.

Here’s the press release:

It’s Bon Appetit at the YMCA’s “Taste of Hoboken”

The Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA will be hosting its annual fundraiser “A Taste of Hoboken” on November 2, 2006 at Stevens Institute in Hoboken.

Approximately 40 establishments — restaurants, bakeries, wine stores and cafes — will participate in the event, now in its 19th year, offering unlimited samples of their house specialties and donating their time and services to support the YMCA

All funds raised from “The Taste of Hoboken” will be invested in the YMCA’s programs and facilities. Last year, the event netted about $33,000.

“We want to serve great food and create a strong sense of community,” exclaims Julie Gallanty, Executive Director of the Hoboken YMCA.

Tickets to the event are $80 per person for the Champagne Preview (6 pm) and $60 for general admission (7 pm) at the door. The event ends at 9:30 pm. They go on sale September 25th at the YMCA’s membership desk. For more information, call the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA at 201-963-4100 or our website at www.hobokenYMCA.org


at Stevens Institute

Description – A sampling of a variety of Hoboken's cuisines & Libations for the benefit of the YMCA.This is the 16th year of the annual Taste of Hoboken where 34 of Hoboken's finest restaurants bring their best cuisine for the ticket holders to eat and drink. Tickets for this YMCA fundraising event go on sale in mid September at the YMCA
Website –
Address –
1 Castle Point Ter, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5991
Telephone –
(201) 963-4100

stevens%20howe%20bldg - A Taste of Hoboken

November 2006
Our first year trying the Taste of Hoboken was certainly a good (and filling and dizzy) time. So many selections, friends and acquaintances it made time fly. The walk home, however, was brutal. At least it was downhill!

Besides the food served, there were various alcohol selections. Shots of vodka (like this new clementine flavor, awesome), wines and beer (Amstel Light only). 5 shots and more than 8 samples of wine can bloat you when you eat so much. My bad.

The room was packed (and a little too warm).
toh crowd - A Taste of Hoboken

Brian (formerly with Brass Rail) showed us the Vinfinity wine preservation system while Sparrow fed us various wines.
toh 2 brian sparrow - A Taste of Hoboken

Urban Kitchen had two of the most interesting items of the night, a creative turkey meatball with cranberries, plus a very satisfying pumpkin dip perfect for the holidays.
toh 3 urban - A Taste of Hoboken

Mikie Squared had what I thought was the most well-rounded “dish” of the night. A great shrimp chowder, a tasty crab-cake ball, and a nice flan to finish it off. I finally got turned onto sangria for the first time, after hating it for years. Theirs was very refreshing. Plus they win for being the happiest presenter of the night as well!
toh 4 mikie - A Taste of Hoboken

340 Grill had an pretty interesting selection as well. But they were right next to the loudspeaker, so some temporary deafness is predicted.
toh 5 340 - A Taste of Hoboken

Liberty Bar was there as well. Wraps? At a tasting? While I’m sure they may have been good, just seemed out of place. I can understand if it was Mr. Wraps, but c’mon. Too filling!
toh 6 liberty - A Taste of Hoboken

One mention for Bangkok City. It was most certainly more delicious than I recall (I used to think they were sub-par). The Gai Gra Praw dish may have been one of the best selections of the night. Nice, spicy chicken.
toh bangkok - A Taste of Hoboken

The Taste of Hoboken is something I plan on doing each year now. It’s a great place to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while, check up on local restaurants, catch a buzz AND help a good cause.

Way to go again, YMCA!

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Friday, November 3, 2006 2:12 pm

It really was great.

Friday, November 3, 2006 11:09 am

I was really suprised. Didnt think it was going to be worth my time and money. Wow was I wrong. Lots of great food, great people, and booze. I will for sure do again next year and tell others to join.

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