Upcoming Campaign Events


Candidate activity ramps up

With two weeks to go until the 2009 Hoboken Municipal Election – here are some noteworthy events around town:

Beth Mason

2nd Ward Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Beth Mason has several upcoming events – starting with a meet and greet at The Little Grocery (214 Jefferson Street) at 8pm tomorrow, Wednesday April 29th:


Dawn Zimmer

zimmer-coffee-with-candidates.jpg“Dawn and a member of the slate are going to be visiting local coffee shops and cafes across the city to hear your concerns.”

Tuesday April 28
Turning Point News and Cafe
1420 Frank Sinatra Dr.
7:30 AM – 9 AM

Wednesday April 29
Legal Beans
86 Garden St.
7:30 AM -9 AM

Peter Cammarano

“Please join Bill Friel & Mike DeFusco & Joseph Branco for a reception in support of The Honorable Peter Cammarano, Candidate for Mayor of Hoboken and his Council Slate Mike Novak, Angel Alicea, and Frances Rhodes-Kearns on Thursday, May 7th from 7pm – 11pm.”

Location: Bar None (84 Washington Street)
$75 Contribution – Includes a 4 hour Open Bar. For more information and to RSVP by Tuesday, May 5th please contact Alison Zayas at azayas@cammarano09.com

Independents Meet & Greet

Mentioned this previously, but independent mayoral and council at-large candidates will be gathering at Texas Arizona (76 River Street) at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 30th for drinks.

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OH, stop it, both of you. OBama took the American flag off the air force plane he had to use and put his logo on it. That was the scandal, and he has since reneged and put back the AMERICAN FLAG… He simply made a mistake in judgement, Biden does it all the time. Puts his foot in his own mouth and 20/20 likes him for it. I DON’T….. 😯


Really, Red…

Nothing original about color usage: red, white, blue – used by all politicians

Nothing original about using negative space: “O”, or “C”, or any letter – been done

Nothing original about the font usage: yawn

However, the distinguishing feature of Obama’s logo is the specific usage of an American landscape in negative space “O” used for a Sun, and blue letter fill of “O” as sky, with the 3 red stripes contoured as a road (as in new path for America), where the “O” is incomplete behind the “O”, yet completed by the curved bottom of the red striped road. “O” for Obama, one letter only.

Cammarano’s logo uses the same colors anyone uses. The only remotely distinguishing feature is the single red stripe with 3 white stars helping to create both a “C” for the first letter of his name, and an “O” (single red stripe curved – looks military almost) which finishes off the last letter “O” in his name C-ammaran-O.


(I see why you’re arguing this, but it really isn’t – btw, I’m not supporting anyone here, just saying)

strand tramp
strand tramp

the obama logo you linked to looks like i’m peering thru a porthole at a sunset on a red and white striped hill.
at this point i think he should have used the old hammer&sickle during his campaign.

Red Haven
Red Haven

Oh really, MidnightRacer? Take a gander here:



Red, the logos are in no way the same.