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Louder Than WordsTuesday, May 26th at 8pm over at Maxwell’s (11th & Washington) – $7 admission…


Real Stories, Real People

“…That’s me in the corner. That’s me in the spotlight. Losing my religion.” REM”

Theme: “Beliefs”
Believe you me!” “…Believe it or not!” “Hear me now, believe me later.” “If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.” “Do you believe in magic?” “…the belief in a thing makes it happen.” “Men willingly believe what they wish”

Hosted by: Joey Novick
Joey Novick has been employed as a stand-up comedian, a child actor, a waiter, a camp counselor, a lawyer, an improviser, a consumer advocate, a municipal water commissioner, a soap-opera actor, an elected official, a corporate trainer, a matchmaker, and the youngest child in his family. But not necessarily in that order. He is a contributing writer for “I Killed, True Stories of the Road from America’s Top Comics.” His blog, NJ:PoliticsUnusual has been enlightening political insiders about the lighter side of politics for almost a third of a 50th of a century. He appears regularly on New Jersey: Power & Politics, and has a political humor column on www.politickernj.com.

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(Louder than Words.. continued)


JAMES BRALY is the writer and performer of the monologue Life in a Marital Institution, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, sold-out 59E59 Theaters in New York City, and transferred Off Broadway to the Soho Playhouse. Reviewed as “gaspingly funny” (Variety), “never less than excellent” (The New York Times), and “a masterpiece of storytelling” (The List), the show will tour nationally in 2009.

James has performed autobiographical stories on NPR and at The Whitney Museum, Long Wharf Theatre, and The Moth, where he was featured on the TNT National Story Tour and is the only two-time winner of the Moth GrandSlam storytelling competition.

His essays have appeared in New York Press, and his commentaries have been broadcast nationally on Marketplace.

Brian Longwell has an MS in electrical engineering and spent 11 years working for AT&T’s Bell Laboratories. Radio Shack employees cannot help him. After realizing that he had successfully burned his career path bridges before crossing them (his performance reviews frequently stated that he was “disruptive at meetings”), he left and started his own design consulting company Special Projects Group, Inc. (www.spginc.com) which has employees, vacation policies, and Mr. Longwell vaguely in charge.

Parallel to all of this, Mr. Longwell has worked as a professional comedian, successful enough to fund the formation of Special Projects Group, which in turn has been successful enough to allow him to return to performing so that he can once again fund the company to keep it open.

Michele Carlo has lived in four of the five boroughs of NYC and remembers when a slice of pizza cost fifty cents. She has been published in the short story anthology Chicken Soup For The Latino Soul, online at Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, and is the recent winner of SmithMagazine’s “Next Door Neighbor Contest.” A comic drawn from her story, Night Of The Black Chrysanthemum will publish this spring. She is a frequent and sought-after contributor to NYC’s storytelling community, appearing with The Moth, (two-time Grandslammer and MainStage), L.E.S. Stories, Speakeasy, TalkingStick, The Liar Show and her own storytelling series, It Came From New York.

A 2009 Brooklyn Arts Council DCA grant recipient, Michele will produce “GeT LiT,” a new storytelling/solo performance/reading series, which will debut in Brooklyn late spring 2009. She occasionally moonlights as downtown ArtStar Carmen Mofongo, has created three one-woman shows, hosted and performed in countless burlesque and variety shows, and appeared in off and off-off Broadway theater and independent films , most recently the critically acclaimed IRT Stories, written and directed by Jeff Stark.

Michele is currently also the Editorial Director for the online underground entertainment newsletter Toxic Pop and is finishing a memoir of growing up multi-culti in the NYC of the 70s-80s, titled Red Sheep: The Search For My Inner Latina.

Ryan Paulson has toured his solo comedy “Pentecostal Wisconsin” throughout the US, Canada and to Scotland. In New York, he has performed the show at Ars Nova and 59 E.59 Theaters. He is currently at work on a screenplay based on the show.

What the critics are saying about Pentecostal Wisconsin:

“This categorically pitch-perfect one-man comedy has it all: music, character work, soul-searching, integrity, honesty and a ton of Jesus. Earnest without being cloying and biting without hurting, Ryan Paulson’s show feels just right.”
— TimeOut New York

“Ryan Paulson casts a holy spell. Pentecostal Wisconsin is a perfect little show.”
— Montreal Mirror

“His story is funny, revealing, engaging, naive, honest and, regardless of your faith, universal in appeal…Paulson hits every requisite note of the ideal one-man show. MUST SEE.”
— St. Paul Pioneer Press
…”a subtle and witty trip…Paulson offers touching, ambiguous personal insight. 4 STARS.”
— The List (Edinburgh, UK)

Matt Bresler is a teacher, storyteller, and photographer of the storytelling and burlesque scenes. He has told with The Moth, Stories at The Creek, and his photography work of both can be seen at www.flickr.com/mattyb83 and www.mattbreslerphoto.com.

Jake Goldman is a writer and performer living in Queens. He co-hosts the monthly storytelling showcase: True Tales from College with his good buddy Adam Wade at Ochi’s Lounge in Manhattan. His writing has appeared in the Huffingtonpost, 23/6, the New York Press, Mortified: Real Words, Real People, Real Pathetic and CBS News. Also, one of his columns was featured on Barack Obama’s campaign website. That’s more or less the coolest thing that will ever happen to Jake. He had his teeth knocked out at a bar mitzvah.

If you have a story to tell, Join us for a future “…Louder Than Words” Story night!

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