Hoboken Week in Review – 4/26/2009


Updates and Milestones

Skipped the last Week in Review to spend time programming some new features that’ll be coming soon on Hoboken411. So this entry will encompass the last couple weeks.

Oh, and without any fanfare – Hoboken411 reached some interesting milestones in the past week or so – surpassing 150,000 user comments and 50 Million pageviews! My oh my how time flies!


So with that out of the way, what made the most discussed entries for the two weeks ending Sunday, April 26th, 2009?

Hottest general topics of the week

  1. BITTER!
    Some political peeps seem to have become territorial over what was supposed to be a celebration for Kids First.
  2. PAINT!
    Mean that we have “bike lanes” that will supposedly make our town a bit safer for cyclists. Why weren’t these on Sinatra Drive?
    Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer’s deposition during the filthy 4th Ward election in 2007 surfaces.
    The “all-mom” slate of Kids First wins the Board of Education election.
    The Board of Education election wasn’t without controversy.
  6. ROTTEN!
    What was supposed to be a jovial Easter Egg Hunt becomes a bit sour here on Hoboken411.
  7. STICK-UP!
    A weapon was brandished during a downtown robbery.
  8. GLITZY!
    The W Hotel has a gala grand opening – see Hoboken411’s exclusive video.
  9. FACTS!
    Give some people an inch – they take a yard. One Hoboken political “activist” gets brought down to earth.
    A spring shower in Hoboken reminds us all that progress = JACK SQUAT in terms of fixing the regular flooding problem in town.

Business Updates

Event Calendar

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