More Candidate Videos!

5/5/2009 Update:

TV on the internet – what a concept!

More TV spots to spot, and two independents go YouTube on us

There is only ONE MORE WEEK (seven days for the laymen) until election day. With the clock counting down to the opening of the polls it’s time to update you on the latest candidate videos and commercials since we our last check on Tax Day. We begin with a video from independent City Council candidate Tim Occhipinti:

Next, Mayoral candidate Beth Mason has a new spot with a wide spectrum of Hobokenites declaring their support:

Did you see anybody you know? The Mason Team talks Open Space and Recreation and Ryn Melberg tells you why she thinks Hoboken should hire her, plus previous videos and comments AFTER THE JUMP!

(Candidate Video Updates, continued…)

More Mason Vids

Vinny Addeo, Raul Morales II and Tony Pasquale talk parks in this Mason Team video:

Ryn Melberg invades YouTube

Independent candidate Ryn Melberg just put up a new series of videos on YouTube. Here’s one where she explains why she feels like the best candidate for Mayor:

Patricia Waiters – I’d like to see your videos!

Earlier today, I posted an update from the Patricia Waiters camp (but left off the video links, because they didn’t work – or had no campaign videos). The two links I received were:
The latter link had some great music videos, though. R&B classics – and even Pat Benatar!!

You can search on Ryn for several other videos. Still nothing new from Dawn Zimmer, who unlike Mason and Peter Cammarano doesn’t have a TV spot running on cable. See Cammarano’s spot and some earlier videos below.

What do you think of these? Do they have an effect on your voting decision? Comment below!


Have you seen the campaign commercials on cable TV yet? Probably not, unless you’re among the newly unemployed now home watching reruns of Knight Rider on the Sleuth channel.

Hoboken411 to the rescue with a look at the TV spots that could decide the election (or not).


(Video Whammy Wednesday, continued!)

Cammarano’s cookie cutter commercial

Peter Cammarano claims he was the first to hit the airwaves, but it was more like a little tap. The Councilman-at-Large is not exactly swimming in cash, so he hit the internet long before he ever got on cable (if he even ever has). HCDO spinmeister Paul Swibinski used the tired formulaic style all too common in campaign spots:

The commercial begins with typically ominous music, and a voiceover full of gloom and doom. Next comes selectively edited newspaper headlines coupled with unflattering photos of Beth Mason and Dawn Zimmer. BOOOOO!!! SUDDENLY the alarming red background turns a friendly blue as the doom music turns to a happy tune! Look! It’s Peter Cammarano smiling and talking with a “constituent” on the street. Next, Cammarano stands smiling with his hands in his politician pants (pocket pool anyone?) while the announcer informs us he “voted for a fair budget” and will “cut taxes”. Awwww, look it’s Peter walking down the steps of his uptown rowhouse with an American flag waving and his wife and daughter, designed to make us feel like he’s a good family man. Finally, a shot of his smiling ticket and the tagline “Lower Taxes, Real Change.” Real change? It’s the same spot Swibinski did for Dave Roberts and Cammarano in 2005! Not much of a change there. Next….

Mason produces three spots

Beth Mason has three different TV commercials on her website that have been rotating on cable. One dubbed “First TV Spot” is mostly Beth making a personal appeal to the voter to bring sunlight to Hoboken’s government. Another includes a few lines from her team, and the third features a cameo by her parents, the Abruzeses:

All three Mason commercials have their highs and lows, sometimes inspiring, other times a bit flat. They probably feel multiple messages are more important than one truly solid spot.

No spot from Zimm, so we look at Bhalla…

This should be time to look at one of Dawn Zimmer’s spots. What’s that? No TV spot from Dawn? Hmmm… OK, well how about an excerpt from one of Ravi Bhalla’s videos? Ravi had planned to run as an independent for council before joining the Zimmer ticket, and has essentially run a parallel campaign that has often seemed more cohesive. Ravi’s videos are on the long side, so I took the liberty of chopping one of them in two. Let’s start with the entertaining segment first, with a few words from Artie Lange:

It’s at least as amusing as the first five minutes of Beer League, but will it have an effect? After all, Artie endorsed and contributed to Richard Tremitiedi’s unsuccessful campaign against Beth Mason two years ago, and we know how that worked out. Lange is not the only Shipyard resident to endorse Ravi. Judging by the rest of the video, Ravi’s support is condensed north of Walter Barry Lane:

That video also featured a riverside stroll with his slate mate. Did you spot him? He’s billed only as “Dave,” which probably means it was shot and edited before Mr. Mello was drafted to take the fourth seat on the Zimmer slate. In watching all of these videos remember these are carefully crafted advertising messages designed to sell a product. They are produced by the campaigns and designed to put the candidate’s message and image in a positive light.

Your mileage may vary…

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this is my favorite group of videos. It speaks volumes on many levels.


Hoboken411, have you ever considered a new section called “Candid(ate) Camera” in which people send in videos of candidates speaking in city council or outdoors in the public unaware the camera is rolling?

Maybe material would be difficult to come by, but it’s just a thought.

Red Haven
Red Haven

This suggestion reminds me of this:

In response to MidnightRacer who said:
Hoboken411, have you ever considered a new section called “Candid(ate) Camera” in which people send in videos of candidates speaking in city council or outdoors in the public unaware the camera is rolling?

Maybe material would be difficult to come by, but it’s just a thought.

Red Haven
Red Haven

Lots of familiar friendly faces from New and Old Hoboken in Beth’s commercial. It shows how diverse the Mason Team’s support really is. You can’t win with newcomers alone. You just can’t.


Video from the POG/QLC mayoral candidates’ forum is currently playing on Cablevision Ch78.

The mayoral and council candidates’ forums have also been sliced and diced into individual responses that may be viewed by issue and by candidate.

Mayoral candidates’ forum:

Council candidates’ forum:


Re: Post 4. Ravi is on Zimmer’s team (organization funding) and Dawn has a storefront ($$$) on Washington St. – Based on sightings, Orsini may be the Mayor :mrgreen: