Stevens holds Candidates’ Forums


On top of the Candidates’ Forums being held at Our Lady of Grace Church on April 14th and 28th – Stevens Institute of Technology is also hosting forums of their own on April 20th and 22nd:

stevens institute hoboken candidates forums april 20 22 - Stevens holds Candidates' Forums

Stevens Political Awareness Committee hosts two forums

A Stevens Institute of Technology student organization, the Stevens Political Awareness Committee, is hosting two forums for Hoboken council members-at-large and mayoral candidates for the May 12th election.

  • The first forum for the three at-large council seats will be held on Monday, April 20, 2009 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in Kidde Hall room 228 (located at 6th Street and River Terrace).
  • The second forum will be held for the mayoral candidates on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 from 4:00-6:00 PM in the Babbio Center room 122 (located at 6th Street and River Terrace).

Invitations have been extended to all candidates and confirmations have been received. Entry for the forums are free and open to the general public.

The Stevens Political Awareness Committee is a student-led organization committed to organizing lectures, receptions and forums regarding national and local politics for the Stevens and Hoboken communities. Previous events included a Hoboken district council debate, lectures by Hoboken Mayor David Roberts and US Rep. Albio Sires as well as viewing sessions of the 2008 Presidential debates, primaries and general elections.

Individuals interested in submitting anonymous questions for the candidates can contact the organization’s chair, Drew Lewis. Questions regarding this notice or about these upcoming forums, please email

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Tom Vincent
Tom Vincent

For the mainstream candidates and Ryn Melberg the pool question mostly focused on getting one as a give-back from developers.
Frank agreed and added: Why not put smaller pools in a number of places so people wouldn’t have to trot their kids across town? He referenced the ones that had been at Church Square Park and Stevens Park (Hudson between 4th and 5th).
I said I didn’t care much for deals with with developers in general and that if we got our act together Hoboken could build its own pool. I don’t like trading our soul for give-backs. In each case developers get to build higher, closer to the sidewalk, and out of character with the things I love about this town. Why are we making deals when we’ve got some of the most valuable real estate in the area? We have zoning laws, let’s use them.
I do like the idea of smaller pools for the kids, but as I recall the one at Stevens Park would get a little icky. I like fountains, like the ones at Pier A and the dolphins at Church Square Park, it feels more urban to me.

Tom Vincent


Pools for the city. I think it had something to do with the audience question about the much talked about pool in the N.W. Didn’t Orsini say something like we should have more than one pool, we should have pools all over town? Someone please clarify.

I wanted to ask Peter C. about his infrastructure question response. Something about the need to fix the viaduct (on which I agree, but) he went on to say we’ll need to work with NJ Transit to do it. I wanted to ask how many extra stories we can expect the 75 story building by the train station to grow in exchange for their “anticipated” help with the viaduct. Unfortunately, however, there was only time for 2 audience questions because the second questioner took 10 minutes to ask her question and then got into a debate with Peter C. when he answered which took 5 more minutes, after which there was no time for any one else to ask any questions.


Did anyone go to the debate?
Just had time to log in and no individual thread for the actual debate. Very interesting debate. A lot of the usual stuff said about the budget, but Frank Orsini stood out on a few issues. He was the only one suggesting changing the current mayor/council form of government. His plan for a Green Master Plan is completely forward thinking a vision for the future and he was right on about pools for the city. He has my vote.


[quote comment=”150516″]

the “primary residence” jargon is for taxes, not voting.[/quote]
You are incorrect. Google it, there’s a ton of caselaw out there, including Tedisco v. Murphy (NY).

Perhaps most importantly:

That’s NJ’s voting rules – You’ll note on page 4 where it states: “College Students have the right to register at the address considered the primary residence. It can be a school or a home address.”

Thanks for playing.

professor pinetop
professor pinetop

one can register to vote wherever they reside – students are more than welcome to vote in the communities where they matriculate. it is commendable that stevens is helping the students increase their awareness of local issues.

as previously posted they then cannot vote anywhere else without re-registering somewhere else.

the “primary residence” jargon is for taxes, not voting.

even homeless people can register to vote in a community.