Crank: High Voltage


Fun new action movie

How many of you are Jason Statham fans?

In particular – I’ve always enjoyed this actor, especially The Transporter series of movies (and the original Crank).

Later this month – his latest movie will be released: Crank: High Voltage (the sequel). Here’s a movie trailer for you to enjoy. Isn’t he the best current action film actor out there?

Me? I’ll wait till it’s on TV – much easier that way… probably by September!

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Yeah, we downloaded the original Crank from iTunes just this week. It was cute, , he is appealing. Mr Stratham lives every boy’s fantasy in the movie. My hubby is a big fan of his from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and his movies with Guy Ritchie, (the one I fell asleep during on our first date). Would recommend.